Signs of Spring

Good News! I do not have an ear infection! Yay! Just a lot of drainage. Her remedy….get lots of sleep….keep taking Robitussin CF….and get outside the next sunny day (you just have to love that)!

Well, even though all I wanted to do was sit when I got home from the doctor’s office and it is grey…dark grey and in the 40’s….I made myself go outside and walk around the house to see if there was any growth anywhere!

I’m so glad I did. There were bleeding hearts popping…….


And, Lamb’s ear poking…..


The Sedum was up………


And I caught him discussing Spring with some Creeping Jenny…..


The tulips are raring to go…


Plan for Monday……Walk in the woods to find the Daffys that I have planted there!

Hope you enjoyed some PA Spring………..((hugs)) Rosie


21 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. Rosie looks like Spring has come to your home. Lots of pretty new growth

  2. Rosie wishing you sunny rays this weekend!
    Loved hearing from you!! Hugs NG xo

  3. Glad to hear about your ear AND your lambs ears =) Round here it’s still snowing. UGH. But soon… I know it has to happen soon…
    Blessings… Polly

  4. I just love this time of year~thanks for sharing your signs of spring. So glad you don’t have an ear fun!

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  5. Glad you don’t have an ear infection!!! I hope you get plenty of rest!!! xoxo

    Love the pics!!! It is fantastic to see the beautiful green amongst all that gray! I haven’t seen much coming to life around here..but i may need to take a walk and see…maybe i will be able to find something!!!?? Let’s hope!

    Have a good weekend Rosie!! Remember to rest! xoxo

  6. Rosie, looks like spring is coming! (you are quite a bit behind us)
    Well, get plenty of rest and enjoy the weekend.

  7. I am so happy to hear it is not an infection! Your sweet spring plants are a breath of fresh air.

    p.s. my fabric is waverly and it is a wine red and yellow/gold….

  8. Glad you have no infection! Lots of sunshine will help too!
    hoganfe handbags

  9. I just love that Sedum… looks like little rose buds… don’t you just love Creeping Jenny….
    Have a great weekend

  10. Hi Rosie. Although I say in December I love the winter, when spring starts, I feel like I am waking up from a not-so-good dream or something. I also look at what is growing in my yard; I now have many daffodils, pansies I recently planted, the beginning of bee balm for my hummers, and some bleeding heart.
    Also, my husband and I have a home in the Poconos which is sort of near you I think. We haven’t been up lately b/c of obligations, but are looking forward to heading there soon.

  11. HI Rosie 🙂
    I’m so glad that isn’t more than an ear infection which is bad enough.

    Lucky you having all the green popping up. So far we just have have the green of our irises peeking at us 😉

    Have a great night,
    Rue 🙂

  12. So beautiful, Rosie….. I love nature, even the tiniest of God’s lovely creation…. thanks for sharing, and I’m glad you are feeling much better…. don’t forget to take your medicine… 🙂

    Have a great night!


  13. Glad to hear that it’s not an infection. The spring flowers will look fantastic inanother week or so. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Gosh, so glad you don’t have an ear infection. Those things can be soooo wicked!
    Feel better really soon and enjoy those first signs of spring, my friend!
    hugs, bj

  15. Hi Rosie,

    Glad yo don’t have an ear infection. I know how painful that can be 😦 Your flowers poking up look beautiful!


  16. What a good idea to get outside more. I have been in the house with a sinus infection and even walking around our yard, looking for signs of Spring, might be a boost. So simple… but hearing it from you makes it sound like a treat.

  17. Spring is certainly happening! Isn’t it so refreshing to see the start of new growth? It is so emotionally uplifting to come out of the dark and cold to start anew?? Love that about this time of the year. Hope you feel better soon and thank you for your comment!

  18. Ohho you changed your header. Glad you got to seeeeee some signs of Spring—and I hope your ear/drainage stuff starts feeling better. I have had that in the past. The drainage can inflame the nerves near the ear and get the ear hurting. I used to have trouble with that during allergy seasons.

  19. I love signs of Spring and the rebirth of nature. Thansk for sharing such pretty photos.

    Both of my parents are from eastern Pennsylvania. Such a great state!

    Hugs, Pat

  20. Don’t ya just love those little signs of spring? Makes me so hopeful that warmer days are on the way.

  21. Hi Rosie
    I think the first signs of spring are the most exciting, but when you see them the rst follows very quickly.

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