A 10 minute job….

I finally did it!


I cleaned out the hutch.


I cut every piece of paper. Applied the poster tape. And stuck it up.


I reloaded my dishes (you know, Mary, I really need to go shopping with you. I don’t have many pretty dishes at all!).


Job accomplished! (I’ll polish the silver another day…..maybe…..I like it tarnished) 🙂

Have a Great Weekend! ((hugs)) Rosie

p.s. I will do this again. I now have a reason to go in the paper aisles!


56 responses to “A 10 minute job….

  1. I love it Rosie! It looks fantastic and you did a great job.

  2. wow, that looks amazing, something so little makes such a huge differance. fabulous!

  3. Wow Rosie! What a difference! It looks fabulous:>)

  4. Rosie that looks great. Isn’t it amazing the difference it makes

  5. Love the hutch! It looks fabulous! Don’t you love going out and looking for signs of spring?

  6. Way to go! So glad you did it, looks fabulous. Now you know you can always change the look as it’s so simple to do. I think your dishes are lovely and definitely agree you shouldn’t polish the silver – love that tarnished look!

  7. I am lovin’ it! I believe that is just another project I’ll have to put on my to do list! So much inspiration!
    Hope your weekend is grand!


  8. Looks great. I love it. The paper makes it pop. You did a nice job!!!!

  9. LOVE IT!!! It looks great! I love tarnished silver, better than shiney polished silver, myself….

  10. Nice job on a cold spring day. The hutch looks cheerful even if the weather is not :>)


  11. susanrameycleveland

    Your hutch is lovely.

  12. Great job, it really lifts the whole thing.

  13. Wow Rosie! This looks great 🙂 I hope you don’t mind if I copy you. I promise to give you the credit 🙂

    Have a great night,
    rue 🙂

  14. That looks SO good. I’m inspired. Hmm, where can I hang some pretty paper???

  15. Love the Hutch .You did a great job.

  16. I love it! You did a really great job on it!

  17. It looks wonderful!!!

    Diane from Michigan

  18. I love it! It looks great!!! 🙂 great job!!!

  19. Rosie

    This looks great. I love the paper you chose, it makes the dishes pop off the walls! How nice!

  20. Oh, I love it; everything about it. The color and style are oh-so-right. I’m certain you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment every time you look at it.

  21. WOW….this is just fabulous, Rosie! I just love it. This is a BEAUTIFUL piece of furniture and that color and paper gives it such personality!!
    GREAT JOB!! and I think your dishes and silver look perfect there!
    hugs, bj

  22. Oh, and I meant to say that I love that your pattern matches on ea piece…..you being the seamstress that you are, thought of that, first thing, I am sure. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t have thought to keep every thing straight and in line until I had finished and looked at it and thought….”somethings not right here!” 🙂

  23. Hi Rosie 🙂

    I have something for you over at my blog.


  24. Ooh, I like it! The color goes really well.

  25. That looks great! I love the color. Is your hutch an antique?

  26. I love your hutch!! Red is one of my most favorite colors to decorate with and the paper on the back is beautiful!!! I have to find a piece of furniture to try this on!!!~Wendy

  27. What a great job you did. I love it!


  28. Oh Rosie… I love it… do you love it? I think it looks wonderful … you do have pretty dishes… but I think you are right Mary has the market cornered on china… lol

  29. Hiya sweetie! You have been a busy girl while I’ve been away, haven’t you?! Great job Rosie, the hutch looks FABULOUS! Can’t wait too to see the ‘behind the curtain’ make over! Happy for you that Spring is finally showing her pretty face around your neck of the woods! Hope you’re having a lovely day sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  30. Great job!! Love it!! Hate polishing silver!
    hugs NG

  31. Rosie, you did a great job on that hutch. Love the color!


  32. Wow! What a transformation. You used scrap book paper right? It looks great!
    I like tarnished silver too…it all looks so pretty together.
    Hugs, DebraK

  33. HI Rosie!
    I think that it looks absolutely lovely!

  34. Oh Rosie! It looks wonderful! what a great job. and your dishes just pop!!!

    kari & kijsa

  35. Just beautiful, Rosie! The addition of the paper really gives the hutch a lift and enhances your collections! So wonderful to at last be able to catch up on all your lovely posts now that we’re back from vacation. Thanks for the warm welcome home. Hope so much next time we get to meet when we’re in PA! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  36. Hi Rosie
    Thank you for visiting my blog and helping me identify the birds! I can’t wait to tell my neighbours :-} Your hutch transformation is wonderful.

  37. It’s fabulous, Rosie! You did a wonderful job and now have a work of art to frame your collections. I love it!

  38. It looks wonderful Rosie! I love the color and size of your china cabinet. The paper makes the dishes stand out so nicely.

    I’m glad that you are enjoying the trip I made recently to lower Manhattan that I’ve blogged about in my last few posts. There is so much wonderful history there to learn about. By blogging about the area I’ve been researching it all and enjoying it even more!

    Hugs, Pat

  39. You rock! I’ve considered doing that many times and have yet to do it. Good for you for going for it!

  40. Hi Rosie! I LOVE what you did with your cabinet. That paper is beautiful! Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. Have a wonderful week! xo ~ Joy

  41. What a super idea – in only 10 minutes?!!! It looks great!


  42. It looks fantastic! I love the paper you picked out!

  43. I love your hutch…it is so wonderful. I bet it is fun to decorate in the fall and at Christmas.

  44. I LOVE it! Love the paper you used -it really makes the whole cabinet look just beautiful! Good job!


  45. Your hutch is so pretty! I never even though about putting up paper behind my china, but I might just have to go paper shopping…

  46. Wowza doodles! I needed that photo for my paper post! Amazing work as always, Miss Rosie!

  47. OMG… I love your hutch.

  48. Dear Rosie,
    I’m ready when you are — let’s go shopping! It looks great. 🙂

  49. That’s beautiful! I love painted furniture, and the paper is perfect.

  50. Oh – I love it!!! And the dishes look perfect!!

  51. That looks great ! I love how you have it set up!

    Jen R

  52. Love that cabinet….it looks amazing !!!

    Kathy 🙂

  53. Bravo! What an amazing transformation – I just LOVE it!!!


  54. How cute is that!?! You’re very creative!

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