I spy with my little eye…..

What a beautiful day yesterday turned out to be. It started out warm but rainy…..so it was hard to get excited about the temperature. Then, it happened! The sun came out! And we hit 70 degrees! Glorious….just glorious!


I have been wanting to walk out into the woods and uncover my Daffy bulbs…..if they were up enough to find them again. And, there they were…..Yay!


It was still very wet …… but how good it was to get out of the house. A perfect Spring day.

Hope your April is starting out glorious 🙂 Rosie


31 responses to “I spy with my little eye…..

  1. April is starting out to be pretty good, here. I see sunshine, this morning! Even though the temp is 32, I have high hopes of a warm up, soon!


  2. How wonderful!!!! It was getting nicer here as well with temperature…although it is rainy here..blah…and yesterday was super windy! We have a few flowers sprouting out as well…it is soo exciting!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Rosie – we’re supposed to hit close to 70 today. I’m so happy. Naptime!!

  4. Oh, yes…we had a wonderful day here, too. Hubby and I worked in the yard, gathering up leaves and dead grasses and trimming shrubs…
    We had a really good work day and that always makes us feel good!
    hugs, bj

  5. Oh, I just stumbled up0n your blog for the first time. What wonderful items you make, so talented.

    It’s been warm here in Tennessee, however, now we are dealing with some flooding here in there. But April Showers Bring May Flowers:)

  6. Hooray! Today I spy a sunny spring like sky, makes me so happy!


  7. Oh! that looks fabulous! I can’t wait for our snow to melt!!

  8. Spring fever is flying through blogland and outside where the sun is shining!! nothing says hello spring like beautiful daffodils!

    kari & kijsa

  9. Hi Rosie,
    Isn’t it great to uncover those little signs of spring. So glad you got to enjoy the warm weather!

  10. Hi Rosie!
    I am soooo ready for warmer weather!

    I’ve choosen you for a 6 word meme, Mrs B. I love your sense of humor and I’d love to see what your
    “6 words that represent your life’s motto” would be.
    If you don’t want to participate, no problem…I won’t be offended.



  11. So sorry about the scrambled message Rosie- I still hope you’ll do the meme! 🙂

    Hugs, Pat

  12. Great! Im ready to get out in my woods in the back yard too.I have walkways that have grown up and covered with leaves over the winter.

  13. Hi Rosie~
    Looks like spring has sprung…yippee!!!
    Pretty soon those sweet happy faces will be popping out to say HI! Doesn’t the dirt smell so nice this time of year???
    Hope you are having a blessed day!!!
    xxxxooo Ruth

  14. Lucky you with the weather. I wish. I know it’s on the way but not soon enough. Before long I will be complaining it’s to hot.

  15. Oh, signs of spring….how glorious!

  16. Hi Rosie~
    This is my blog page..the one you have is the old one!
    Come in and visit soon!!!
    xxxoo Ruth


  17. Hi Rosie!
    It is super exciting to see those little bits of green popping up out of the ground! I’m am thrilled that spring is here & it’s finally nice & warm! LOVE love love the new look of your hutch with the pretty paper – awesome!

    Enjoy your day!

  18. Thank goodness for spring!

  19. I spy signs of spring! It was a glorious 75 yesterday (of course today it’s cold and in the 50’s).


  20. Yah… Yah for new growth and spring green…. it just freshens the soul…

  21. Rosie sweetie, I’m so happy for you that Spring is finally appearing! I don’t know where our Autumn is though, she must be held up at Customs or something! lol Have a wonderful weekend dear friend!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  22. Rosie,
    Gosh I’m glad you wrote! That “next” button on the esty seller surf-ring thing changed and I couldn’t find you. I tried to find you….you must have mental telepathy skills, lololo!!!!

  23. Those little buds always seem to bring a sigh of relief…Spring is finally here! This is my first time visiting your blog, but I see your avitar on so many of my favorite blogs, I thought I would stop by for a visit. Enjoy your garden, your blog is wonderful. Karen

  24. just came by to say HI and HOW ARE YA?
    hugs, bj

  25. Isn’t it amazing to see new life springing up from the ground? It always awes me.

  26. Signs of spring…so lovely! And 70’s temps…I’ll take some of those! Wish it had been in the 70’s when we were in PA two weeks ago–LOL! Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

  27. Oh how wonderful! Looks like Spring is there for you at last! Those daffodils coming up are a beautiful sight and 70 degrees – yeah!

  28. Spring has sprung! It is beginning to make itself known here…little by little! Raining today but warmer.

    Have a sweet weekend…OH~ We love our tassels and the sweet extras too! Grace has that last tassel hanging from her ceiling fan and it looks so cute.
    She carried the wristlet yesterday!
    I already have a book in the *jacket* and my tassel in my study.

    You are the best!!

  29. I love it! I am so happy spring is coming! Thanks for the cherry pictures~! Jen R

  30. Budding plants give me such hope for not only summer but for better things to come…in life.

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