Spring Fluffing Shopping Trip

I am a bit late to Michelle’s Spring Fluffing Game at The Inspired Room. It is still too cold to dress the porch and I was feeling uninspired. So, I needed a trip to civilization to buy find some inspiration! These will be just some of the items I use to fluff my porch for Springtime.

I love TJMaxx and Marshall’s. I can find nice linens and pillows in my price range. This haul will show up when Spring comes in earnest on this Ridge of the PA Mountains.

Still saying Brrrr in PA……but ever hopeful 🙂 Rosie


15 responses to “Spring Fluffing Shopping Trip

  1. What gorgeous fabrics! Can’t wait to see how your porch comes together.

  2. Oh what fun! That is a great way to get inspired, even if you can’t actually do the project yet! Thanks Rosie, you found some really beautiful things! I love TJ Maxx!!! Thanks for joining in the Spring Fluffing!


  3. I’m sure those pretty colors made you feel the spring. Soon …. it is coming.
    I laughed and laughed at your comment on my blog…. even my husband laughed and he doesn’t do blogs..

  4. The colors are great. I love TJMAXX too ……They arlways have something you don’t need. It’s still cold here!!!!!


  5. Those my dear Rosie, are some beautiful fabrics! Glad you had such an inspirational day out and about, and I can’t wait to see your porch all gussied up for Spring!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  6. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I absolutely love them! What wonderful finds!!! I LOVE TJMAXX too..i have never been to a Marshall’s….yet! hehe!

  7. Love the fabrics Rosie. Your porch is going to look fabulous! I can always find the best things at TJ Maxx. Hope the warm weather comes soon! (it’s chilly here too)

  8. VERY pretty! We have on TJ Maxx on the far side of town, and it’s not that great. Maybe they’ll build a new store soon. I love those linens.

  9. tjmaxx is one of my favorites, too, rosie…boy, you found some real goodies here. i love all the flowers!
    hugs, bj

  10. I love the colors and fabric prints you’ve chosen. They are just gorgeous!

  11. I think the pinks and greens are so pretty together. You just can’t beat TJ Maxx for great finds at good prices.

  12. These fabrics are beautiful. I love the roses and flowers and they look so cozy.

  13. Hi Rosie 🙂

    Those new blankets are so beautiful and I am so jealous! I don’t think we have those stores here, but I’ll try to find out now 🙂


  14. Oh how I would love to go shopping with you. I adore floral fabric, perfect for Bloomin Tuesday.
    Blessings, RoseMarie

  15. How I wish that I could decorate my porch and wicker with linens. I have two dogs that would actually LOVE for me to do that so that they would have a nice cushy place to lay.

    Your porch will be gorgeous. Love the colors you chose.


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