The Real Spring Cleaning

We had a glorious Spring day……63 degrees….sunny….perfect! The first day that I was able to start cleaning cleaning out flower beds. I was in heaven. Hubby was the picture taker and here is what he saw.

Where did that young girl go that used to be me? Oh well, I still have fun :-} Everything is still just on the verge and therefore looks brown and dead but trust me there are buds and shoots and fronds emerging everywhere.


Gold Finch

My gardening buddy, Lucy……she has some winter time pounds to get rid of, too πŸ™‚

The first Daffodil bud to pop.

More Gold Finch

And, finally, my wreath by the door. Don’t look to close. There are still bugs in the light and the wreath has seen better days but I still love it!

Happy Spring πŸ™‚ Rosie


22 responses to “The Real Spring Cleaning

  1. Hi Rosie!
    That’s what I’ll be doing today — it’s supposed to get up to 67 today. Yay! Love your bird pics!

  2. Ohhh, Rosie…you are such a cutie. I am glad to see a picture of you! You look as if you are in Heaven….you have been itching to get out in that garden all winter long. So glad you finally made it.
    I enjoyed all the pictures of the sweet birds! And your partner there is a cutie, too!
    hugs, bj

  3. I love all the pictures!!! Espec. the one of you!!! It is great to see a pic of the blog writer!!! :o)

  4. Hi Rosie!
    Oh, it looks wonderful! And your in a t shirt!! We ar going out today to tromp in the snow. It suppose to be warmer and I need to get outside!

  5. I have been doing the same thing…cleaning out the old to get ready of the new. I never thought to take pics…LOL I love the pics of your birds. Is that a small pond behind you? Dianntha

  6. What a delightful picture of you readying your flower beds; it’s so nice to put a face to the person behind your blog. You look wonderful. That wreath around your light looks so pretty.

  7. Oh Rosie, I was in heaven looking at all your lovely pictures…. garden, birds, sunny days… ahhh! What a blessing….

    Enjoy spring!


  8. Great photos!!! I did a bit of gardening/etc yesterday!
    I know about “where did that young girl go” feeling…I’ve been feeling it alot lately!!!
    Stop on by my Blog when you can!!

    Nova Scotia

  9. Me again….I meant to ask…what kind of dog do you have? Is it a Border Collie? That’s what we have, I find they all look a bit different…LOL


  10. That is exactly what we need to be doing, if it ever stops raining more than 1/2 a day!!

    I’m with Lucy…I have a few wintertime pounds to lose too!

    The bird photos are beautiful!

  11. hi Rosie, I made it to your blog, yay!!! just saying hello, and i am going outside too, right now!!! my toddler is taking a nap

  12. Hi Rosie,
    So glad you could enjoy the weather and some gardening! The gold finches are so pretty! It’s beautiful here today too ~ I’m doing some gardening and some painting.
    Enjoy your day!

  13. I’m doing the same thing too. Our weather has been nice and there is still much to do. I loved all the pictures .The gold finches are so pretty, we don’t have them here and Lucy is a darling. Linda

  14. I’ll tell you were that young girl went … she turned into a beautiful woman ….full of charm…. that warms our hearts each day..

  15. Somehow spring clean-up in the garden doesn’t feel like work! It’s still too wet to do much in my garden but I’m out there everyday poking around to see what’s coming up.

  16. Good morning Rosie! You and Lucy both look like you’re having a grand old time playing out in your lovely garden together! I’m so happy for you that you are finally getting to see some Spring! Enjoy your day sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  17. ahhh they smells of spring. It’s beautiful weather here in california.
    I have been setting my flowers out as well. Isn’t nice to be able to have your own little patch of nature in your very own home ?
    I found your site through cindy-my romantic home. Just thought I’d stop by and say hello.

  18. How lovely to see a picture of you. I am looking forward to seeing your garden develop over the next few months.


  19. Linda took the words right out of my mouth. You are a beautiful woman πŸ™‚

    It looks like a glorious day out there. Do you want a good laugh at me? I thought a titmouse was a kind of … well, mouse. I’m such a dork LOL

    rue πŸ™‚

  20. Gosh Rosie, you sure did get lots accomplished. I’m so jealous! Guess I better get my butt off the couch and get outside. Seriously, I was outside for awhile today. Got the tractor fired up….spring is exciting, isn’t it?

  21. Glad to see you got out in the nice weather. You look like you were having fun!! The weather has been nice here to. Spring is in the air.

  22. Hi Rosie
    Ah spring… isn’t it wonderful! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I think most of us are in our gardens these days. Nothing like fresh air and digging in the garden!
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Rhondi xo

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