Sunshine and Sewing

Yesterday was a great day.

After I finished doing some alterations for customers, I made up a pretty new pouch for my Etsy Shop and started a fun penguin print pouch for my stepdaughter….hope to finish that tomorrow.

Then I went outside to play…..more Spring clean-up and just some plain and simple Daffodil watching.

Hope your days are full of Sunshine! 🙂 Rosie


14 responses to “Sunshine and Sewing

  1. The pouch is beautiful Rosie! i love it!!!! 🙂 And i love the pics of all the flowers!!! Just gorgeous! I am sooooo glad it is spring!!! have a wonderful thursday! 🙂

  2. Good morning, Sweet Rosie…I just am in love with that pretty pink bag! Soooo pretty.
    And..your flowers are gorgeous.
    Our weather was over 80 yesterday…we have a chance for a FREEZE tonight!! This West Texas weather is so crazy! If it freezes, that means I won;t have pecans on my tree…AGAIN!
    And, yes, mam’….if you are having wine and cheese for breakfast this morning, this may be a REAL fun day for ya!! 🙂
    hugs, bj

  3. What beautiful flowers! I’m so thankful for spring, winter was entirely too long.

  4. Happy sunshine and flowers to you today!

  5. Adorable little pouch! You are so creative!!
    I miss daffodils! Thanks for sharing yours!


  6. Hi Rosie!
    Thank you for sharing the lovely daffodils! Your handbags are so fabulous!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Isn’t it great that it’s finally spring! Actually it’s HOT here today – I’m wearing shorts it’s so hot!

    Very pretty pouch and I do love daffodils. Actually the town I live is called Jonquil City because of all the thousands of daffodils everywhere!


  8. What a pretty pouch.
    Daffodils are so Spring!

  9. Don’t you just love spring? Every time you walk outside you see something new! Love your daffodil pics!

  10. I woke up feeling a little blue today, so decided to come visit you, and I’m ever so glad that I did sweetie for your Daffodils are just the ticket to a brighter day! Love that little pouch too Rosie, such a sweet and delicate fabric. Hope you are having a lovely end to the week sweetie! I’m off to go do the big monthly grocery shop now! I must be crazy! lol
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  11. Yeah.. Rosie has flowers…. they are so pretty…. the little pouch is adorable…

  12. Hi Rosie~
    What a sweet pouch! And I love your spring flower pictures….

  13. Glad to hear the weather is noce there. We have had beautiful weather for the past few days. It might even reach 75 tomorrow. That is great so we can all work in our yards.


  14. I love the rose handle for the little tote/pouch you made.

    Daffodils are a very favorite flower of mine even though they won’t grow where I live. Thank you for sharing yours with me.


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