Pillows Kissed by Lallee’s Cottage

I have another Etsy Shop addiction……don’t get me wrong I still love Donna’s Art and my addiction for Girl Boxmaker’s accordion books still lives……

Lately, I have been drooling over Lallee’s Cottage Etsy Shop especially the hand crocheted dish clothes. I knew I would never use them to wash dishes…..they are just too pretty! My dilemma….what can I do with them? Well Miss Rosie thought and thought and soon came up with a solution. I love to make simple flange pillows, it is challenge to make them each different and keep them easily capable of being thrown in the wash. I wash pillow shams a lot! So, I thought dish clothes and washable pillow shams…….ah yes….I will use them as appliques! Brilliant!

These are the first two that caught my eye (pictures downloaded from Lallee’s store).

I was so exited to get them and I already had the fabric I wanted to use to make the pillows….an apple green home dec material from Joann’s. I first sewed the dish clothes on to my top square of material.

Then I finished the process of making the overlapping sections in the back and sewing on some velcro to keep things neat and tidy…. I sewed the front to the back….flipped the sham right side out, measured for my flange, sewed a row of stitching to make the flange ……and they are finished!

Don’t you thing they are springtime fresh and pretty? I have two more on order…..yeah! There may not be an unpillowed chair on the porch…..in the house….perhaps the car! LOL

Lallee is such a talented artist. Her work is beautifully executed. Please go over and take a look at her wonderful shop….there are lots of goodies to drool over…..perhaps you’d like to make a pillow, too!

Lallee’s Cottage Blog

Lallee’s Cottage Etsy Store

Have the Best of Weeks……..Rosie


25 responses to “Pillows Kissed by Lallee’s Cottage

  1. I love the art on your pillows. I also enjot Lallee’s cottage blog I haven’t bought anything from her yet but her stuff looks so nice.

  2. The pillows are now saying ‘Spring’.
    Great colors

  3. Those are some happy pillows. They just will be perfect for … well any where… Aren’t you so clever to come up with this great idea. they turn out just precious..

  4. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    I LOVE what you have done with Lallee’s precious creations! What a doll you are to share with us!!! Have a great week! Sorry I haven’t visited for a few days – have been very busy here.


  5. Oh my goodness Rosie! What a fabulous idea! Totally brilliant sweetie, and the pillows themselves are so lovely! As you know I am teaching myself to make some very basic pillow cases by hand, and I hope one day to be able to make some as beautifully done as yours! Such a talented lady you are my dear! Have a terrific day sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  6. Rosie, the pillows are beautiful. Great idea, using the dish cloths as applique’s!


  7. Hi Rosie,
    You are the pillow queen! They are terrific, and such a great idea. I’ll bet your porch is the comfiest, and prettiest, ever!

  8. What a great idea! Her work is beautiful and your pillow projects are fabulous!

  9. Rosie, I love what you have done! Thank you so much for sharing and showing! Check my blog today for my response.


  10. Thanks for sharing…what a great melding of two great artists.


  11. I absolutely love what you’ve done with Lallee’s wonderful dish cloths (I love her blog BTW)! That’s such a cute idea and so fresh and springy!


  12. What a wonderful idea, and they look so lovely on your porch. Charming and cozy.

  13. Oh, what pretty, happy pillows…You have a LOT of things that make the heart sing, Rosie. Just so you know, your caddy I have hanging in my living room is still one of my FAVORITES!
    Now, pls excuse me while I run over and check out Lallee’s site…
    hugs, bj

  14. Hi, rose, what a great thing to do with Lallee’s treasures. She is very talented, those are too cute. They look so grandma & vintagey. Love that apple green too, can’t get enough of that color.


  15. what a cute idea! I actually hand knit dish clothes and USE them. Love them. It was hard to start actually using them though!

  16. What a cute use for Lallee”s lovely creation. I love her stuff1

  17. Rosie, you are so clever! Your pillows turned out beautiful, so springy!
    I will have to go visit Lallee’s shop.

  18. That really is a great idea…sometimes they are just too pretty to use! I only have one that someone made for me and it is sitting in my kitchen drawer….

    How lovely yours are!

  19. What a great idea, Rosie! Your pillows are lovely! Will you put them on your porch?

  20. Hi Rosie 🙂

    Those dish towels are so cute, I wouldn’t be able to use them either! What a wonderfuly creative idea to turn them into pillows 🙂

    Thank you for coming by to watch me live 😉

    Have a great night sweetie.

  21. What a wonderful idea! I’ve read a few blogs today about pillows… if that’s not a hint, I’m not sure what is! I’m going to check out the links you posted. :o)

  22. Oh, those are gorgeous! Great idea! The dishcloths look marvelous in their new pillow incarnations. Just perfect for Spring!

  23. Your pillows are adorable, so sweet and vintage looking.

    I’ll have to visit that Etsy shop.


  24. Oh how pretty Rosie!! Just perfect for Spring or anytime really!


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