A Makeover Story

Before the groomer………

After the groomer……

A summer “do” appropriate for all the gardening dog duties ahead of her. 🙂

🙂 Rosie

p.s. This is why there is always bird seed to buy!

Courtesy of OLD DOG PHOTO


34 responses to “A Makeover Story

  1. What a sharp looking new “do” 🙂 So much nicer for the warm months ahead. I just can’t even imagine having deer right in my yard!


  2. Such a beautiful baby! Kip always gets one when the weather gets warmer too.

    The deer is so sweet! No fear at all…must know what wonderful people you all are!


  3. What a pretty pup! I liked her shaggy too though:>)
    Our deer come right up outside our bedroom window and eat out of the feeder! The little stinkers, I just love them though so I dont mind.

  4. Oh how I wish I could shave my dogs! I have to sweep everyday. I’m surprised they have hair at this point LOL

    Your hubby’s pictures are so wonderful. Please tell him I said so 🙂

    Have a beautiful night,
    rue 🙂

  5. Your doggie looks so neat and ready for summer. I now have turkey eating from my birdfeeder….guess I’ll be buying seed all summer long.

  6. I am surprised the deer stops in the daylight to eat. Really neat picture.

  7. Love the summer do! So slimming! 🙂


  8. The “Summer Do” is perfect! I love her both ways..

    LOL – I have never seen a deer eat birdseed! Bears have stolen our birdfeeder before – but never deer….

  9. My girls are just about ready for their makeover…. shhh don’t tell them thought they don’t like going… does you pup mind going for a makeover?

  10. Cute picture of the deer…

  11. She’s beautiful before and after.

  12. The dog looks so different and the deer picture is great. I also have alot of deer in my back yard. They so peaceful to look at.


  13. The dog looks so much better!! Hey, I thought squirrels were bad…..but deer?? Man!

  14. Ha, ready for summer alright!
    Love the new makeover!

  15. She’s a beauty in both do’s! I’m loving your hubby’s photos.

  16. Is this the famous Lucy Lu? She’s a very pretty dog, either way! How does she feel about her new do, is she still talking to you sweetie? I know our cat will not look at me for days after a trip to the groomers! lol Crazy pets, gotta luv em!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  17. Ready for my shot, Mr. Director! He’s looking very handsome!

  18. Oh, dear…I look just like the first picture !!
    I SOOOOO need a new do !!
    I love the deer pic……
    hugs, bj

  19. I bet that was one happy puppy after the haircut! Mabel always runs around wagging her tail for no reason when we clip her. 🙂

  20. Teehee- We love your ‘birds’ that visit your feeder!!!

    kari & kijsa

  21. holy cow! Your dog looks like 2 different dogs in those pics! LOL 🙂 sooo sweet!!!

    i LOVE the pic of the deer..gorgeous! 🙂

  22. What a great new look, all ready for summer and much cooler than the heavy hair.

    Well, I guess you could hang the bird feeder higher but then that beautiful deer wouldn’t be visiting you.

  23. Hey there … long time no see…. glad you came by… late Congrats on your Anniversary… looks like you are having fun being a grandma



  24. Love the new summer do, of course, she’s pretty before, too!
    Also, love all the owl things in the previous post! Wonderful things.

  25. Lovely new summer do, Rosie!


  26. that dog is tooo stinkin’ cute!!

  27. What a difference a day at the salon can make!
    Looks great!


  28. My dog just had her trim too and she looks cooler already. Summer months get really hot hair. I love the picture with the dear, it’s so sweet and tender. Have a great weekend.

  29. Good morning Rosie 🙂

    I think if Scarlett had an older sister her name would be Rosie…. imagine that… 😉

    Have a wonderful Saturday my friend!

  30. Hi, Rosie! Your little girl there, she looks a very glam and happy gal after her makeover! Beautiful deer…I miss seeing them up close like that. Where we are now we seem them seldom…Looks like a beauty of a day there–enjoy! ((HUGS))

  31. What a sweet dog! That deer pic is awesome too, how lovely!

  32. Love the new do. Ben got a new do yesterday too. He is a golden retriever and hates the hot weather but I just can’t bare to cut off all of his fur for the season so we just go a little bit shorter. Rosie my tassel came. I absolutely love it. I wrote all about you and the tassel on my blog today. Come see~ Lynn

  33. How kind of you to hang the birdfeeder at just the right height. lol! I found your blog through Lynn’s today! I love the blog world, don’t you? New friends around every corner!

  34. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Love his new do!! Amazing transformation!! LOL about the deer. What a brave soul! My mom has them on her property and they eat her plants right up. Luckily this guy likes the birdseed.


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