The Adventure Begins…..and then….

……it stops.

The beginning of the story is that I didn’t want a yard. We were moving to the mountains … into the woods …. and I wanted it natural! Well, it turned out the septic system needed this freaking large “drain field”…. so, they had to cut down lots of trees. It made me sick! On the bright side Hubby likes a nice lawn to mow so……OK.

However (and I am getting way too wordy for my average post) the soil is horrible….they didn’t bring in topsoil …. thus, we have a baked clay patch of rocks and weeds. So. Hubby says ….. after 3 years of fussing ….. “Go ahead …. do what you want with the front yard” YAY!!!!!!

I am going to take all the “recycled” bark mulch that my tree guy can make for me …. free ….. and build up the front about 5 inches ……. making walkways (that will eventually get topsoil and re-seeded with a good lawn seed).

The pathway down from the driveway will begin here and wind around the canopy to meet up with the pathway through the arbor.

You have to use your imagination 🙂 I can see the finished beds filled with black eyed susans and and holly hocks…..roses and day lilies…..clematis and trumpet vine… get the idea 🙂

Unfortunately, I took a tumble on Monday…..tripped on a laptop cord and flew into an armoire. I banged myself up pretty good. I’m talking “No, Mr. Policeman, my husband didn’t beat me. Honestly, I tripped over a cord and fell against the furniture” kind of banged up. So, after a few dozen wheel barrow loads of bark mulch deposited ….. my project must experience a short delay. Don’t worry …. at least I know I don’t have Osteoporosis …. ’cause nothing broke 🙂

Now everyone …. repeat after me ….. “I will not leave my computer cable lay about all willy nilly”!

Hugs and blessings ……Rosie 🙂

The neighbor’s dog named “Boo”.

Courtesy of OLD DOG PHOTO


27 responses to “The Adventure Begins…..and then….

  1. I hope you feel better soon Rosie! I think the garden you have planned is going to be beautiful!

  2. What fun you will having creating your garden.
    Oops… watch that cord. Rest up and take care.

  3. oh wow! That kinda lost me a bit..LOL but i wish you the best of luck with it Rosie!!! Definitely take pics when it is all finished! i would LOVE to see!!! xoxo

  4. Oh dear, sorry you banged yourself up so badly!
    Bad laptop cord!! Thankfully you didn’t break anything. This project is going to be a lot of fun (and hard work imagine)!


  5. Oh please take it easy for a while…… oh my poor thing…..I fell also when we were packing up after First Monday…just a scratched elbow and hurt pride. But it sound like you really hurt yourself.
    The new garden and paths can wait…

  6. Glad you didn’t break a bone, Rosie! Take it easy a few days and let your muscles heal.

    I’m sure your garden will be beautful when it’s done….all those flowers sound so wonderful.

    Hugs, Pat

  7. Oh I hope you feel better soon. Tripping over a cord sounds like something I’d do so I can relate to your pain. Our yards look a lot alike! Hubby and I have been trying to figure out some sort of garden design for the back yard. We went on a garden tour this weekend and got a few good ideas. I put photos up on my blog in case you are looking for ideas too. You seem like you have a talent for gardening and already know what you like so you are lightyears ahead of me! Keep us posted with your project! Hope your boo-boos are all better soon. xoxo ~ Joy

  8. Feel better…I can’t wait to see more pictures of your garden as it evolves!

  9. Oh Rosie! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  10. Oh my gosh, sweetie! I’m thankful you’re ok! How did the laptop survive? Did it go for a tumble too? We have 3 computers all networking off the one broad band cable, so we have a permanent cable running across the hallway from one room to another (until John can put it up through the wall and ceiling), and the amount of times that one of us has gone cartwheeling down the hall because of it is just beyond funny now! lol I hope you feel better soon Rosie so that you can get back out to your yard and finish what looks like it will be a fabulous garden!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  11. OMG, I hope you are doing better. I can imagine how much that hurt……you poor thing . Take car of yourself.


  12. Your garden is looking great, I can just imagine the results!

    I am doing a giveaway for my 100th post, stop in!

  13. Well girl, I do see your vision – the beautiful one and the banged up one. Be careful and take it easy. I’ll be waiting to share more in your vision of beauty.

    That dog is a cutie.

  14. Oh Rosie, you are too funny! It’s good, though, that you can laugh over what sounds like a very painful experience…Rest up and take it easy — I’m sure your garden plans will wait. It sounds like a wonderful plan, too!

  15. Well, I hope you are not feeling too sore today. You will show us pictures of your “lawn” area with paths as time goes on. The hostia also surprised me. I had had some in pots last year near my fountain. I dumped them during the winter and reused the soil in one for another planing of pansies. Three hostia came up!! (I had only had 2). One came up in the pot and two others in the ground. So I planted them in the ground near some new plantings. I will have to take a pic in the future. They sure are hardy things!!!!! Unfortunately my fountain motor quit after running for 2 years without stop–Summer and winter!! Now I need to find a replacement.

  16. Holy moly. I’m so glad you weren’t hurt worse! I can’t wait to see what you do with your lawn! :o)

  17. Well, first..I’m sorry you got all banged up!! Yep, those cords lying about can be real killers…
    Next, your landscaping is going to be just beautiful. I can’t wait to see it all….
    I agree with you about having an all white room…it would be fabulous but….with hubby and all the grandkids we have, it would drive me NUTS ! We just aren’t all that neat and I am afraid by the time everybody sit and layed on the white sofas, they wouldn’t be so white and crisp any more….I sure do love to look at white rooms, tho…..

  18. Hi Rosie!
    You poor thing! I do that all the time. (usually over toys) Rest and relax! One thing I have found is that yard work will always wait for you!
    (just like laundry!)

  19. That’s a whole lot of work you’ve got going there but it will all be so beautiful at the end of your project.

    How terrible to have such a fall. I’m glad nothing is broken and that your resulting aches and pains resolve soon. I’m now tucking away any wayward cords in precaution because I have a tendency of tripping over anything, including my own feet.

  20. Never trust an errant laptop cord! They will jump up and trip you every time!!
    Love seeing the opportunities you have with all that space! It’s gonna be lovely!


  21. My oh my! Be careful. I hope you’re feeling better today.

    The plans for the yard sound wonderful. It will be a lot of work, but worth it!

  22. Oh Rosie! I hope you feel better soon! Thank goodness nothing broke!

    Your gardens are going to be beautiful! A lot of fun to create and alot of hard work too. That just makes them more satisfying in the end.

  23. How horrible to fall like that! Ouch!

    Your vision for your garden is so exciting. I am looking forward to watching it develop.


  24. What a cool front yard project, Rosie! It already looks great and will only get better, I’m sure.

  25. Oh Ms. Rosie, my heart is flutter and my stomach has butterflies just reading about plans for new beds. Can’t help it, dirt and flowers do that to me. You can make shade gardens as well as sunny gardens, you can’t ask for much more and all the birds of the air will come. Do you live very far from me, I’ll come and help. Ok, Ok, I’ll calm down. love the bleeding heart what a wonderful picture. Cannot wait to see what all your goinna do. RoseMarie

  26. Holy smokes Rosie! Are you really okay?? Please be careful.

    😦 <– see that? That’s my sad face. You don’t want to see it again, so please take care of those cords!

    I can totally see the finished yard in my imagination and it’s going to be beautiful 🙂

    hugs and love,

  27. Oh dear! Not good! Take care and just plan your garden! I see lots of part sun that many roses will do well in! If you want any suggestions… I have some!
    Looks like a great start to a great garden!
    jenn ps~ Boo is too cute!!

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