Blue Jay Convention

We are hosting a Blue Jay convention. There has been a very noisy flock of about a dozen Blue Jays camping out here for the past few days. We usually have one or two around but this group is big and boisterous. Ever since they came I have seen very few of our gorgeous Gold Finch. Not happy about that but these guys are fun to watch…..just hope they are not all staying πŸ™‚

This is where I have been spending the past few days since my head on collision with the armoire…..actually it was more like ribs, forearms, knees, and toes. Any other time of year this wouldn’t bother me but I want to garden! I have mulch to haul….perhaps by Saturday….hmmmm….hope Hubby doesn’t read this. πŸ˜‰

Hugs ……… Rosie

Sand Cherry

Courtesy of OLD DOG PHOTO


20 responses to “Blue Jay Convention

  1. What a beautiful photo of the blue jays, such a lovely color

  2. My Sweet Rosie-I DID read your post. Love Hubby

  3. Busted!! πŸ™‚ Love you, Honey…….

  4. Sorry to hear you are still aching from the collison, Rosie! Don’t rush it –the mulching can wait a little longer. Enjoy listening to the birds instead!
    Hugs, Pat

  5. What a man he really reads your post… mine doesn’t even know how to read e-mail…..but he is right…. don’t rush it…. just wait for the sweet son he will do all the hard stuff for you..
    Jay birds are pretty but they are not very kind…. finches are sweeter…. wonder what they are eating.
    Hugs…dear one…. now back on that couch

  6. LOL – He caught you!

    We have a couple of pairs of blue jays that come around and I never noticed but when they are here the gold finch are not! Now I know why!

  7. How are you feeling Rosie sweetie? I hope you are recovering quickly! Can I just say how much I am LOVING your gorgeous couch and throw! Watch that lap top cord, we don’t want you all banged up for Mother’s Day! Just rest and relax and listen to those delightful Blue Jays making all the ruckus outside your window! lol
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  8. The blue jays are sooo pretty!! i love that pic!

    I hope you are feeling better!! I must say..your couch with that pillow, blanket and laptop looks like a nice place to rest a while!!! πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

  9. Rosie, I hope so much that you are hurting less by now – you were fortunate not to break anything. I slipped and fell out of the tub a few weeks back – how I didn’t fracture something or crack my head on the comode, I’ll never know – but I do have to get the hole in the wall repaired where the towel bar got knocked down!!!

    Meanwhile, good luck with the garden plan – it will be lovely when finished – and every dh needs a lawn to mow – it’s their exercise usually!

    Never seen that many blue jays in one place – we have a few that come, so noisy. I watched my babies (the 4 wrens) feeding this morning, they stay close together but I notice they are flying higher into the oak tree above the deck now – getting brave!

    Glad you like the front porch – it’s awaiting your visit any time – you can even have two chairs to prop your feet up and be comfortable while your bruises heal.

    Enjoy the weekend – and make sure to hide those cords – no more tripping please!
    Hugs – Mary.

  10. Blue Jays are indeed noisy little creatures but they won’t stay around forever and your goldfinches will return. I love that Sand Cherry photo, thanks for sharing it.

    I hope you’re feeling less sore and more yourself soon.

  11. Hi, Rosie! What a special treat to see sooo many bluejays! I’m sure it lifted your spirits :o) Hope you are feeling much better after the “armoire incident” ;o) Be taking good care…and have a great weekend ((HUGS))

  12. Hope you get to feeling up to snuff soon!! After reading your post …. I am going to move mine because …. I leave my cord right out in the open … and have almost tripped on it several times…. can you imagine landing on ceramic tile???

    Love the path that your garden is taking… I can picture it now… all full and lush with all the flowers you were speaking of… heavenly…

    PS… guess yoiucan’t pull one over on those hubbys can you?


  13. oooo, Rosie girl…so sorry you are still sore. At MY age (which is o.l.d.), if I hurt myself in any shape, form or fashion, I am down for the count for weeks !
    just rest….bj

  14. Those bluejays are feisty little things, but they are beautiful.

    Take care of yourself. Be patient – you’ll get there.

  15. Oh, take care of yourself Rosie!

    Happy weekend!


  16. LOL, he did catch you didn’t he! I just love your comfy spot there! Rest and feel better sweet Rosie πŸ™‚


  17. SO sorry to hear about your collision! Feel better! We all have mulch to haul don’t we?lol! I have 10 yards out front calling my name this weekend. Have a wonderful mothers day-:) chris

  18. Hi Rosie, I trust you are mending and taking it easy (?) Those blue jays just pop inthat picture. They are noisy and naughty but they sure are pretty!

  19. Hi Rosie πŸ™‚

    It looks like a very cozy place to rest. I’m glad you’re feeling well enough to try and be sneaky πŸ˜‰ I guess not well enough not to get caught though LOL

    I can’t believe all those bluejays are at your house! Have you ever seen “The Birds”? πŸ˜‰


  20. u make me want 2 have a sand cherry
    what a sight- never seen so many buejays altogether. spent the last 3 days in bed…

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