Hosta Lane

OK, now everyone sing the following verse to the tune of “The Muffin Man”……

Do you know the Rosie girl, the Rosie girl, the Rosie girl?
Do you know the Rosie girl that lives down Hosta Lane?

Don’t you just love the above sign? I asked Donna, of Donna’s Art and Whimsy Two fame, if she could do it for me a couple weeks ago. It turned out so sweet. I immediately took it outside to find just the perfect place for it …… hanging on one of my tree stump pot stands.

I was thinking about hanging it between the Hostas along the lane back to the house but decide it was more a place of honor at the beginning of one of my woodland paths that will soon be planted with every type of Hosta I can find. In a few years it will be lush and full.

Hope that little ditty gets stuck in your head all day …… hehehe πŸ™‚ Rosie

American Goldfinch

Courtesy of OLD DOG PHOTO


35 responses to “Hosta Lane

  1. Love your Hosta Lane sign and hosta lane. What a great place to showcase hostas!

  2. Love your sign and your Hosta garden. Just perfect. Donna is one of my favorites here in blog land….love her work.

  3. Oh hostas are so easy and gorgeous !
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  4. What a precious little sign! And what a perfect place to hang it! Good job!


  5. Rosie,
    I wish I could blink myself to your house so we could go for a walk on hosta lane. I’m beginning to wonder if it will ever warm up in Northern Ohio! I always enjoy your photos (thanks), they are so appreciated.
    God bless,

  6. A very cute sign. I love hostas, they seem to be the only thing that will grow in the northeast corner of my house. Much too shaded for anything else, but the hostas love it!

  7. How pretty the hostas are.
    The sign looks great

  8. That’s an adorable sign. I love your photos, especially the goldfinch. They look like summer!
    Thanks for your visit. I’ve linked you on my new blog. xoxo

  9. I love hostas. They are like your favorite cousin. It’s so pleasing when they arrive and your relationship is almost effortless. Mine are just getting going. It didn’t get above 50 degrees today and promises to be chilly ’til next weekend. A slow start for the garden.

  10. I love them and your lane is so pretty.

  11. I really like that hostas that looks like ruffles…. mine aren’t nearly as lush as yours….

  12. Hostas are such a perfect fit for a woodland path. I’d love to go for a walk there!

  13. This is very charming. The sign is a very nice touch in such a woodsy utopia.


  14. What a sweet sign! We have lots of shade, so I love Hostas, too!

  15. The little sign is perfect. I love hostas too…the giant ones & the wee one & the lime green ones!
    Hugs, DebraK

  16. Ahhh, this looks soooo pretty, Rosie…and your little sign looks just perfect in that spot…
    I will be going back home today…back on my own computer and coming to you LIVE instead of pre=recorded……:)
    hugs, bj

  17. I adore Hosta Lane, and I adore all hosta. You’re a very lucky lady.

    And, yes that tune will be playing in my head all day. πŸ˜‰

  18. Simply lovely as is your Hosta garden! Love it!
    Still humming the “muffin Man song”

  19. Rosie,

    Your photos are wonderful! I am sorry to read that you collided with the armoire. I hope you feel better soon!


  20. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Do you know I had never heard of a Hosta until about 2 years ago? We don’t seem to have them in California, at least where I live. You have a lovely garden of them and they are just beautiful. Great sign, too!


  21. We just bought 3 different varieties, 2 big leafed (Blue Angel and Sum and Substance) and a couple of smaller ones to add to our “collection of no-names”. They love our shade!


  22. Rosie, you have the perfect place for Hosta! I love the sign!

  23. What a amazing photo of the gold finch.The hostas are very pretty .They are one of my favorite plants.
    Best Wishes

  24. I love it!!! Too cute! The pics are all great and the sign is perfect!!! I totally will have that song in my head now…LOL

  25. Love your sign…and now that song is running through our heads!! Check out our post today for a fun freebie magazine offer!!!

    kari & kijsa

  26. Oh, yes…ROSIE…You HAVE to send me a picture of your sweet kitchen to post on my blog….the cute shelving unit with the shelf above…and the chair….all the cute roosters….yep! YOU GOTTA !!

  27. I DO KNOW the Rosie Girl – Old Dog

  28. I DO love it!!! Adorable! As are YOU.

  29. What a great sign, Rosie! I love it and the hostas themselves, too.

    This morning I went across town to the OK Feed & Supply store (don’t you just love that name, it’s so “western”) and bought a 50-lb. bag of Niger seed for our goldfinches. We get Lesser Goldfinches here.

  30. I have tagged you for the “front door, back door” meme. Come over to our red house to find out more!



  31. Hi there sweet Rosie πŸ™‚

    I love Hostas! We have a few here and do you know where else they grow?? At the farmhouse, that’s where πŸ˜‰ Cute sign too!

    I love the picture of the goldfinch! Another great picture from your hubby πŸ™‚

    Go ahead and paint some letters. If I can do it, I know that you can. You’re the creative sister, remember? πŸ˜‰


  32. Perfect sign for a great lane!!! That is going to be sooo lush and beautiful!!

  33. Hi Rosie,
    I’m happy you like the sign. It looks so pretty where you hung it and your hostas are beautiful!
    I’ve got some catching up to do. I noticed in the other post your son is coming home. Hope you have a wonderful time!
    Hugs, Hugs,

  34. Oh, I love hostas! And the sign is so fun! I always enjoy the American Goldfinches. My grandpa always called them wild canaries πŸ™‚

  35. Love your hosta sign and your hostas. A friend of mine had a box full of them from her MIL that she was going to throw away. I planted them in the fall and now they are gorgeous.

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