A Picture Memory

Took a moment to make a picture memory before we left for the airport. (Lucy is barking at the garbage hauler….a normal event).

It was a good week with my son but it went too fast!

Today is a busy day of Bank appointments and sewing in the afternoon but I hope to be back later with some close-ups with all the beautiful things we planted while he was home.

Best Wishes for a wonderful Wednesday! Rosie


14 responses to “A Picture Memory

  1. That young man definitely looks like his mother. It is a wonderful picture and memory.

  2. What a lovely photo…I’m sure you will miss your son. My DS is only 13 and he wants to design video games when he grows up…

  3. What a wonderful picture to add to your memories. He has a momma of whom he can be proud, and you have a son you can be proud of raising to be such a fine person.

  4. I know you miss him. What a wonderful photo! Can’t wait to see your pictures of things you planted!

  5. What a good son to come and see is mom… oh no Lucy is crying her eyes out saying” boohooo” don’t go Marty…… that picture should be framed it is beautiful of you both…
    Actually Marty is only about 70 miles from First Monday

  6. What a nice picture.I agree it shouuld be framed.Can’t wait to see the pictures of what you planted.
    Best Wishe

  7. Sigh, it’s always hard to see them leave. I’m happy you had a wonderful time together…


  8. Great Mother and Son photo

  9. Great photo! Loved the barking baby too! My baby barks at the trash truck too…among MANY other things! Husband says it is my own fault since I named him “Barkley”…I loved that name before I even got him, so I guess Karma has come back to bite me in the butt! So glad you enjoyed your visit with your son. Those moments are precious! hugs ~ Joy

  10. Such a nice pic of you with your handsome son – and to think he also spent all that time helping you in the garden – he’s a keeper!!

    It’s looking great Rosie – love that porch, I could hop right into the daybed and snooze listening to the birds and breeze. Just keep that doggie’s barking down, pleeeeease!!!!

    Hope your son had a safe and pleasant trip back – look forward to more pics of what you planted.

  11. hi Rosie, at first i thought that someday, my son and I will be tending the garden just like you and Marty. and then now I am wondering, does Marty have a girlfriend? I have a pretty sister! LOL


  12. Rosie sweetie, I’ve missed you! Marty is such a handsome young man, and he looks a lot like his beautiful mother. This is a really lovely photo memory sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  13. Hi Rosie!!

    I have missed you! I’ve been away from blogland forever (4 days LOL) and it was very hard not to pop onto the computer, but I did it.

    That picture of the two of you is darling and I love Lucy barking 😉 I know how hard that was for you to say goodbye to your boy for a while. I hope he had a safe trip back.

    I haven’t heard anything more about the “avid gardner” yet, but if I do I’ll be sure and tell you to get your gardening tool belt ready 😉

    Off to read more…

  14. What a beautiful photo of you both and little Lucy is boo hooing!! How sweet!

    I LOVED the photos of you with the chipper!
    And the Nutty Pear looks like my sort of place!
    I had no idea it was your BD so I must do something on blog for you!!


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