New plantings

We added a gorgeous Dappled Willow Standard in the middle of my mixed perennial border.

A few other perennials my son and I planted …….


Autumn Fern

More Hostas for “Hosta Lane”

Japanese Painted Fern

And, a Mock Orange Bush.

This has been such a busy two weeks with more to come. The Spring/Summer season is so full and fun …… especially this year. šŸ™‚ Rosie


10 responses to “New plantings

  1. Hey there …. I know I know… its been a while… I have been so busy but wanted to see what you are up to…

    I absolutely love love love that willow… I want one… where did you get it?

    And your porche is simply heavenly…
    ope you are well


    Stopping by to say hello… h

  2. Ok you can edit my last post as my last sentence jumped down underneath my name

    and porch is spelled wrong



  3. Hi Rosie!

    We had a wonderful time in Ireland! I’ll be blogging more about it.

    It was nice to catch up with your blog! It sounds like you had a busy and fun time with your son visiting and helping you plant, and with your helping your daughter and son -in – law to move.

    Only 6 more weeks! So exciting!

    Hugs, Pat

  4. Rosie, everything looks heavenly. I love the way it has all come together.

    And, you’ll be able to look at it and remember all the special times with that sweet son of yours.

  5. You must have a huge plot of land to tend! It is all so pretty – like living in an enchanted many pretty plants and such! Have a great week-end! (and don’t work too hard!)

  6. Looks like you’re having fun in the garden! Everything looks beautiful.

  7. You’ve been busy–and in a very beautiful way! Your garden is wonderful…and with your property so near the woods, it looks to me a magical place you have. I really like the willow in the mixed border. Hav e fun digging in the dirt, and a great weekend ((HUGS))

  8. Hi Rosie,

    What a beautiful spot of land you have all nestled there near the woods with plenty of space to garden…sigh…my fingers are itching to dig in the garden just looking at all that fun!


  9. Rosie what beautiful plants you have in your garden. Love the last photo of the mock orange with the spider on the leaf

  10. Rosie,

    I mustn’t let Bob see your posts re: Hosta Lane. He wanted to buy more today and I said a firm “NO”. I think any more should come from friends dividing what they have. Also, I don’t want my garden to look like a patchwork with too many varieties. But he is a good man and I will definitely keep him!


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