Superior Sunday Shopping and Scallops

We have been having such full days…..running here and there….buying this and that. That is not our normal routine. We are happily homebodies and usually don’t do much or go many places!

Well Sunday was another roller coaster ride for us ….. me especially. Things have been so busy that even though Hubby knew what he wanted to get me for my birthday (spent quietly with no fuss….just like I like it), we just haven’t been able to go out to make the purchase. Now not every girl wants one of these…..but I have been dreaming of it for a long, long time!

Yes, that’s right it’s a chipper shredder and it’s all mine!

Have you any idea the hours of fun I will have with this gal? And when I get done shredding all my leaves and twigs in the front yard …. I’ll just move to the back. Yippee!!!!

Then to top it all off …. on the way home with my present. Hubby decided to Swing by “The Nutty Pear” to see if she was open.

We took a lovely ride though the country back roads and through an old train tunnel to arrive at our destination.

Sundays are normally a reservations only day …..but guess what? She was there, saw us pull in and told us to come on in. This is a wonderful small restaurant in an old log cabin that is wonderfully dark and cozy with the most fabulous food anywhere!

We were the only people there and had her as our private chef to make us a wonderful meal of Scallops Casino……..heavenly! She was so very sweet to allow us this very special meal.

Today I rest…for tomorrow….I will chip!

šŸ™‚ Rosie


33 responses to “Superior Sunday Shopping and Scallops

  1. Oh what fun you will have with that chipper/shredder.
    What a fabulous lunch you enjoyed

  2. Rosie, I wish I lived next door to you! I think we could be bestest friends! I would love to have a chipper shedder as a birthday present!

    And your sweet hubbie, taking you to your fav place for dinner…he is adorable!

  3. Wow, a chipper/shredder?? That’s one I wouldn’t have thought of! I bet it would be very fun to use! I see why that restaurant is a favorite.


  4. Happy Birthday Rosie!

    A chipper /shredder is a great gift! I bet you’re going to get a lot of good use out of it and make your garden lovely.

    The Nutty Pear looks like a cozy romantic place to dine and …yum…scallops…I love them too!
    You and hubby make a sweet couple!

    Hugs, Pat

    My hubby’s birthday was today, too, and we had a quiet dinner at home along with my Mom and our daughter.

  5. I do believe your birthday celebration today was well worth the wait.

    It sounds as if you are going to have fun with your new toy. And, your dinner couldn’t have been more special.

    That fellow of yours is definitely a keeper.

  6. Wow, a chipper shredder? I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with that thing, and I don’t think my husband would trust me with one of those. What happened to our front lawn, honey?


  7. LOL, ooh Rosie…my Sweetie says I’m one of very few women who love a good trip to a hardware store…a chipper/shredder if only I had the room !
    sounds like you had a wonderful birthday…(())

  8. You are going to have fun, fun, fun with your new toy. The restaurant looks like a wonderful place to stop for a meal. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Oh Rosie, you are cracking me up:>) Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great time with your chipper. The restaurant looked wonderful!

  10. Rosie, what a wonderful day! Happy Birthday and happy chipping!!!

  11. What a super birthday present! I want one! How nice that you got to have a great diner at your favorite place. Happy Birthday! Don’t get tooo carried away with that chipper!

  12. Rosie, happy birthday AND I love your b’day present too! I’d love to have one of those. What a great way to get rid of all the debris in the yard. That restaurant looks great, loved seeing your pic of you!

    Have fun chipping!


  13. I know you will have a blast with that chipper. I am currently working on my barren yard, my husband and I just planted two maple trees yesterday:)

    That restaurant looks fabulous! Glad you had such a great Sunday!

  14. Oooo! I would LOVE one of those!! We have 24 arces to chip up! šŸ˜‰ What a lovely spot for a meal!

  15. We’ve been thinking of getting a chipper. How cool that you have one! Blessings.. POlly

  16. Oh, I so want a shredder. You can now create all your own mulch and your garden will be even better.

    You look great in green, by the way (my favourite colour).

  17. We are such kinderd spirits….. that is going to be used so much with all your graden plans…. just
    John…. better keep a close watch over our girl…
    Ps Happy Birthday dear one

  18. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Miss Rosie! It looks like you had a wonderful day and your scallops are making my mouth water. Cute place! And check you out! You cutie patootie! That beer looks mighty refreshing! wink wink!
    Great gift!! I think I’ll ask for a composte unit for my b-day.

    hugs to you,

  19. Oh Rosie!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!! What a perfect day you had too! That wonderful husband of yours obviously loves you VERY much! You both look so happy having lunch, and that photo of you is so beautiful sweetie! I love the picture of the birdhouse on the wall of the Nutty Pear too! Hope you’re having a terrific time chipping away!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  20. Don’t stand too close to that thing when you use it…LOL!! I am glad you got one..

    That restaurant looks lovely..very cozy!

  21. super congratulations to you Rosie, Happy Birthday! What a sweet hubby you have over there. God Bless

  22. Rosie ~ You are a girl after my own heart !! I wanted a chipper for a birthday too and also got a power washer one year !!! I love both of them ! there is something about how much they can accomplish !
    ohhhh by the way, the countryside is gorgeous where you live !

  23. Happy birthday, belated, Rosie! Gald you had a lovely day…that restaurant looks just the place…And how happy you look with your chipper–LOL! Happy Days ((BIG HUGS))

  24. Hi Rosie,
    Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you made out well in the gift department. I had to laugh when I saw your gift! I didn’t expect to see that. It was oodles of fun – I’m still smiling now. I love going to restaurants when they’re almost empty, there’s such a nice cozy, private feeling and as you said, extra attention from the chef. Looking forward to hearing about your clipper adventures.
    Lots of Love,

  25. Oh Rosie, what a factastic day! To me there is not a better way to celebrate a birthday than going to some romantic place with a loving husband; like you did–like a nice date. Love that old train tunnel, the scenery, so green and lush…. that little country restaurant/bar and the good food…. all blessings! And by the way, I really liked that cute blouse of yours! šŸ™‚

    More blessings to you and your DH



  26. Happy (belated) birthday Rosie!! I love your new chipper. I think we may need one of those too, when/if we get the farmhouse.

    Don’t feel odd asking for things like that! I asked and recieved a custom wood cutting board for the kitchen and it was better than any diamond necklace šŸ˜‰

    The picture of the tunnel is so beautiful! I love that restaurant too. I’m glad it was a great day for you.


  27. Whoa! Between that train tunnel and the Nutty Pear…. those locations seem like they jumped straight off the pages of a book! Looks like it was great fun!

  28. What a nice birthday you had! Sounds like you have a loving husband…now get chipping!
    Hugs, DebraK

  29. What a great birthday president! Happy birthday, dear Rosie. I’m so glad you had such a fun weekend. That restaurant looks like a wonderful place!

  30. Wow Rosie, what a great day. I wish I had a chipper and the nerve to use one. We have years worth of leaves building up in the back and on our side yard. Maybe you could travel with it?? Make a little money and see the country:)


  31. Now that is a chippy birthday gift!

    I’ve posted centerpieces for the month of May~ Thanks for joining in. Now, what’s on your table today??

    One of the best Christmas gifts I ‘ve ever had was a couple of yrs ago I got a leaf vacuum and blower…like you, I had been wanting one FOREVER….I love it, too.
    xox bj

  33. oh how I love tools…even better big tools and better yet red tools. have fun with your new toy.

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