Life’s centerpieces

Please run over to visit Sandi at the Whistle Stop Cafe to see the wonderful centerpieces she chose as her centerpieces of the month!

What a fun project to participate in. I know I will be setting little vignettes all month to see what I can submit for June!

This is my canopy area that she posted for May. Now go on over and see the rest!

ox Rosie


10 responses to “Life’s centerpieces

  1. Great centerpieces, I had never been to the Whitle stop. Thank you for sharing this lovely site:>)

  2. A lovely canopy Rosie as well all the other ceterpieces that Sandi posted!Sunshine and gentle breezes that’s what your photo says to me!hugsNG

  3. Rosie, everything you share makes me smile. You truly have such a lovely approach to life.

  4. Ooo, so pretty! I’m headed over there now.

  5. I love this canopy, I must go follow your links. Karen

  6. I love it Rosie! So pretty!


  7. PS:
    Rosie, I just went through and looked at the posts I missed while we were at the lake. The Nutty Pear looks like our kind of place!


  8. What a special spot for you and your family.
    I love seeing your photos here and on Flickr…and visiting your blog!
    I left a little thank you (On blog) for you and the other creative ladies who have been so dear to me of late. You are such a joy to know.


  9. Hi Rosie,

    Love the centerpiece and canopy! Thanks for visiting me …


  10. Centerpiece and canopy–GREAT!

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