In a blink of an eye …..

…… summer will be over.

Actually I am trying not to think that way …. but, oh how wonderfully full this spring/summer is shaping up to be with a baby shower in the offing, the baby coming in less than a month, and then a wedding to attend at the end of August in Maine!

Here are some wall pockets I made to camouflage very pregnant daughter’s refrigerator. The kitchen is so small that the landlord put the frig in the dining room area! So, daughter picked out the material and now she has the best dressed frig in town!

Oh yes! I have also been using my birthday chipper…… cleaning up years of accumulated leaf debris and twigs in the woods and starting new flower beds with the mulch. What fun!

Life is good! 🙂 Rosie


25 responses to “In a blink of an eye …..

  1. You’re so right – life is good. And, you have very nice things happening in your life.

    I just wanted to let you know that I responded to you me-me tag in my post today.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. You are one busy lady. Chipping and sewing and blogging away! Your pockets do a good job of dressing up that refrigerator!

  3. You are definitely turning into the Chipping Queen.
    Love the fridge makeover.

  4. What a great idea to gussie up a fridge ! and you go chipper gal LOL.
    We are just keeping it real Rosie and I love that.


  5. Great idea for the fridge!

    Happy chipping!


  6. Your wall pockets are darling! And I can just picture you as “The Mad Chipper” — laughing maniacally as you toss things into the maws…

    Actually, I’m sure you are a very ladylike chipper…

  7. I know I don’t know whoever is getting married in Maine but could I please go anyway? I love Maine – the coast, the lobster, the lighthouses, the dialect, all of it! I’d be really good, I promise! Love the fridge makeover…Blessings, marlene

  8. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Great coverup!

    Hey, watch your arms around the chipper! I heard of someone who got their arm stuck in there and you can only imagine what happened after that. ew!


  9. I do love those pockets…!!

  10. Those pockets look great and are actually giving me an idea : ) …….. Jen

  11. Rosie sweetie, where do your talents end?! Mother, sewer, decorator, chipping lady……lol I can see that you are keeping very busy, but everything you’re doing is turning out wonderfully! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post to see what else you’ve been up to! Hugs for you dear one!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  12. Fridge pockets–Genial idea, Rosie! That is super…and really dresses up the fridge, which let’s face it is not always the most great-looking thing in a kitchen–LOL! Such a great summer in store for you–so exciting! Happy chipping until baby arrives! hehehe…((HUGS))

  13. ahhhh, that fridge looks magnificent, dressed in your lovely wallpockets. Good, good job.
    Chipping, blogging, sewing, loving…, my dear, are a busy aand happy lady….
    hugs, bj

  14. Holy moley Miss Rosie! You make me think I might want to give up blogging, you have SO much talent I could stop showing photos and just send people to YOU. Do your wonders never cease? Love that fridge, how cute is that?

    And you have all that fun stuff coming up too? I can barely see straight with my daughter’s wedding in August. Summer WILL be over before I even get to look outside! Eeek!

    Thanks for the lovely inspiration, always, Rosie.

  15. Ahhh…. I wish I were out there in the woods, chipping wood with you rather than sitting in a windowless room! The fridge covering is ADORABLE! Great idea for any house.

  16. What fridge? 😉 Seriously cute idea 🙂 I know the chipper would be fun, but I’d be afraid I’d fall in LOL

    Have a wonderful day sweet friend!

  17. What a great idea to camo the fridge! Sounds like you have a great summer ahead…


  18. Thanks for entering my blog give away, Rosie, and your sweet comment!
    The refrigerator pockets is a nice idea and so useful too.
    It must be fun to make your own mulch and not have to buy it. Your woods looks so tidy!

    Hugs, Pat

  19. Those pockets look pretty nifty – if there’s such a word. Glad to hear you’re having fun with the clipper. I’m still tickled over your birthday post and your special gift.

  20. I would of never thought to do that- fabulous idea-

  21. That refrigerator looks great! What a wonderful idea.

  22. What a great idea! Looks nicer than all my magnets.

  23. Cute idea! I have never seen anything like that before.

  24. love it, what a wonderfully creative idea!! I am realy enjoying visiting these links from MrLinky re The Inspired Room

  25. Cutest dressed frig ever….

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