It’s time ….

…….for me to order up some new signs. This is the area that needs a name.

It’s a crazy old tree formation in the front woods where several trees grew together forming a “hollow”. One of the trees died at some point leaving the cool petrified stump.

It conjures up notions of fairies or hobbits living and cavorting here in there own secret place. I am thinking of going the way of “???? Hollow” But I can’t decide on whether it should be Fairy, Hobbit, or even Chipmonk …… since catching this little guy there the other day.

Right now there is an old chiminera there with vines and a nest on top ……doesn’t quite work for me. I want to do some planting around the base, too, but that will depend on it’s name.

So, please help! I am looking for some suggestions on name and/or how to use this natural formation to a wonderful end. It is located along “Fern Gully Loop”.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give!
🙂 Rosie


14 responses to “It’s time ….

  1. Well, I went to Fern Gully Loop and strolled around. What caught me right off the bat was Chipmonk Hollow, in my humble opinion. It’s different. It’s catchy, and it has meaning due to your little critter visitor. I love your scenic woodsy area. Solitude personified! Let us know what you decide!

  2. I like Rosie’s Hollow! Jen R

  3. I say “Hobbit Hollow” with a sign under it that says “where little people play”.

  4. Oh, I like Jen’s suggestion of “Rosie’s Hollow,” too. I also like “Hobbit Hollow” and even would be tempted to associate the place with something from Nancy Drew as it seems such a secretive but fun little site.

  5. Of course, I love “Chipmunk Hollow,” but that’s just me.

  6. Good morning sweetie! I have racked my pea sized brain to come up with some clever name for your ‘hollow’, but at 4.40am I am just to tired to think properly and could only agree with Chipmunk Hollow, and came up with Adventure Hollow………and Petrified Forest! lol I know I know…..go back to bed you say! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Have a happy day Rosie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  7. I’m another one for chipmunk hollow. After all you did see a chipmunk there. Perhaps he’s already claimed it as his own.
    Hugs, DebraK

  8. Hi Rosie,
    Hmmm….about the hollow, a great little setting by the way. ‘Hobbit Hollow’ ‘Leprechaun Cove’ come to mind…. ‘Fairy Hollow’
    Hope this helps,

  9. I love everyone’s suggestions! I love the thought of naming that special place!

    Happy day, Rosie!!!


  10. We like Chipmunk Hollow…he is so cute and adorable!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  11. I think Foxtail Hollow, because it looks like a foxtail coming out of the hollow. Kinda like he’s digging a hole and is half way in. I’m nuts, right? LOL


  12. What an unusual and fanciful place! I like “Chipmunk Hollow,” or how about the name “Enchanted Hollow,” and you could do a fairy theme and put a “fairy house” in it?

    Such a fun idea!

    hugs, Pat

  13. Hmmmm, some new signs, Rosie?!
    How about fairy hollow. I love little fairies.

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