Join me?

I’m not having anything terribly special for breakfast ….. just my usual Oatmeal Squares and smoked almonds …… but I’ll give you some and make you coffee and we can sit on the back porch and listen to the showers passing through ………sigh …..sounds like heaven to me 🙂

But wait! There is something I need to do. I need to pick a winner from the 32 comments on the Baby Shower Post. You were all so smart. Yes, Very Pregnant Daughter is having a GIRL!!!!! And, the name picked from all your wonderful messages was………

MEGGIE from Meggie’s Stuff

I have no idea what will be in your surprise package, Meggie, but I will make something especially you and send it out next week. Thanks to all who drop by and leave me sweet comments. I value everyone of you so much!

Now I am off to visit Very Pregnant Daughter. Tomorrow I will show the wild and crazy diaper bag I made for them a couple days ago 🙂

((hugs)) Rosie


12 responses to “Join me?

  1. Hi Rosie,
    I’ve got some catching up to do, I feel like I’ve been away forever!
    Congrats to Meggie!
    Can’t wait to see the wild and crazy diaper bag!

  2. Breakfast looks great – I’ll be right over…oh wait – I have to go to work today – we’ll just have to have breakfast another time! But I did enjoy our visit! Looks not only yummy, but comfy too.

  3. That sounds yummy.. I would love to join you ! 🙂 Jen R

  4. Oh Rosie those showers are on their way here later this afternoon. I hope they are peaceful ones so they don’t do damage to my garden, I am still cleaning up from showers with hail and heavy rain on Tuesday.


  5. I’ll be right over. I need some relaxation. May I go with you to visit very pregnant daughter? She’s so cute.

    Congratulations to Meggie.

  6. That looks like a nice and cozy spot ! Congrats to Meggie!

    Hugs, Pat

  7. Edward sends greetings to Lucy and Elsie, and he would like to alert you to the fact that you appear to have squirrels and chipmunks which he would love to help chase from your garden if only he could!

  8. Congratulations to Meggie.

    I agree with the other Pat, that looks like a cozy spot!

    Can’t wait to see that extra special diaper bag!

  9. I am so bummed, but congratulations Meggie!

  10. Congrats to Meggie! And congrats on the new baby girl for you and your daughter! Yay!

    So, Rosie, I remember a certain refrigerator that you oh so cleverly dressed with fabric pockets. If you would be so kind as to consider sharing a link to that post on my blog Monday, we are having a Creative Concealment day. I am hoping for some creative gals like you to show us how to hide the uglies around our house! And your idea was SPLENDID!

    Think about it, you are welcome to join in. You know I worship the creative ground you walk on.

    Happiest day to you!


  11. I’ll be right there, I love listening to the rain:>)

  12. Oh I love the sound of rain…. what a lovely start to the day..

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