Skulls and Babies

OK, now this may not be to your tastes but I am hoping for a happy dance from very pregnant daughter and my SIL. She wanted (and got) knit leggings with skulls on them for the baby. It is cool, you know!

So, I wanted to make a “man bag” …..diaper bag, that is. And thought I’d run with the skull theme. It will be just one of many they will have so they won’t have to carry it to church or anything 🙂

It has 6 pockets inside and 6 pockets outside with a hard bottom inset. I also made 2 burp cloths to match.

I actually like it … a lot! I may have to make a tote for myself 🙂 Rosie


13 responses to “Skulls and Babies

  1. Huh… skulls???? Well …. I am sure they will love the bag…. it is way cool….

  2. Love the bag, Rosie, but I’m not sure about the skulls! It turned out great!

  3. It is quite hip, and we all need diverse interest. I actually love the pattern the skulls form. Beauty comes in different shapes, sizes and patterns. I would have to have a bit of girlie, too.

    You do make such wonderful things. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How totally sweet is that of you to do that for him! What a wonderful MIL you are!

  5. OMG! Those fabrics are crazy…and fun! Your bag & burpies are fantastic, Rosie! This really inspires me, as my expecting sister is wanting a special tote, but not too frilly, something her boyfriend can carry around too if needs be…While skulls might not be his thing, this does give me an idea how to do something that’s not so “girlie”–LOL! And speaking of girl–I just found out today that she’s having a girl! Oh, happy day! You are so clever…thanks for sharing! Happy weekend, my friend …Oh, and thanks so much for you very lovely & supportive comment at my blog ((BIG HUGS))

  6. Love the bag! The material isn’t for me but the bag is great.

  7. Well, finally a diaper bag that a man won’t mind carrying! Great job Rosie!!

  8. Wow, I love those fabrics, especially the one with the concentric circles…what a fun diaper bag, and so out of the ordinary. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get asked to tell where they bought it!

  9. Love it!! Skulls and babies totally works, in my opinion. You are truly talented.

  10. Your workmanship is as usual, lovely. Skulls? Not my “bag” but a guy would love it! Cute idea actually and you might actually get requests for more:>)

  11. Oh WOW!!! That has to be the coolest diaper bag I have ever seen!! What my son wouldn’t give for it! He’s nine! He might not mind changing diapers if we got him one of those! That is absolutely perfect for the hip young family! and the bright black and white contrast will be a favorite of the babies! Who cares if it’s skulls! It rocks!
    What a fab mod gramma!
    (PS, list THAT and the burp clothes in Etsy and I bet it sells!!)

  12. Rosie sweetie, you did an AWESOME job on that nappy bag! I am sure both mum & dad to be will be tickled “PINK” with it! lol
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  13. Hi Rosie 🙂

    Has it been that long since I came by?? I swear you left to go somewhere and you were going to be gone for awhile. I guess not? I seriously need to get a brain transplant. Do you hate me?? 😦

    I love this bag! Annie would love to find a purse like that. It’s all about the skulls dontcha know LOL

    Off to read…

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