Handmade with love

Having a hard time staying away from the sewing machine on these hot and humid days. Too hot for gardening but not to hot for making little joys (Jen, I promise to get back to your gown tomorrow!)

Click on any pic to get a larger view.
((hugs)) Rosie


8 responses to “Handmade with love

  1. Hi Rosie, I have been doing a lot of sewing lately too. Now that I have a little time off I can finally do it uninterrupted! Love that cowboy fabric bag!

  2. You are just too good. I love every one.

    I really admire people who can create all of these beautiful things.

  3. Rosie, I’ve had such fun looking at all the things you’ve been creating. Love the bright, summery bag, but all are so fun and creative! Thanks for sharing with all of us. How’s your very pregnant daughter — is she holding up in this heat? ;o)

  4. Such cute things! I can’t wait to see Jen in that gorgeous wedding dress! You are amazing….

  5. I love all the cuteness you made!! You are so talented 🙂

    That is going to be one lucky granddaughter.


  6. Love your latest sewing creations.

  7. Love all your projects, especially the little pig pants! How cute!

  8. I love everything you make and those skull baby items are SO hip 😉


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