Walking the trails

We had a little time this past week to walk the trails behind our home. It is peaceful and quiet and I enjoy catching the beauty in unexpected places.
(click on the picture for a larger view)





Going to visit VP Daughter on Monday. We are finishing up getting everything just right in the Nursery. She has done a beautiful job with it …… now we just have to make sure she has all the basics …. like diapers!


Have the Best of Weeks!


13 responses to “Walking the trails

  1. Nothing like nice walks in the woods for expectant grandmothers. Time is drawing nigh. 😉

  2. Bet you are on pins and needles.

    I enjoyed your trail walk!


  3. What a fabulous place to go for a walk.
    Wow, not many days to go now until VP daughter has her sweet little bundle of love.

  4. don’t you just love the anticipation?


  5. I can’t wait for you to experience the feeling of that darling child in your arms, Grandma! Nothing like it!

  6. What a very nice nature walk.
    Wow, it’s count down for that little one! Won’t be long. Hurry up and get those diapers!

  7. Oh how lucky you are to have such a beautiful place to walk right outside your door! Best wishes to VP Daughter, and to her excited mom! 🙂

  8. Thanks for the walk in the woods! I can’t even explain the difference in my life since sweet Jerzie was born. Trusting all will go well and you will be a Grandma very soon!

  9. Hi sweet Rosie 🙂

    What a wonderful place to walk. Your house is in such a beautiful area 🙂

    Only 7 days left?? I can’t believe it! Can I be auntie rue? LOL


  10. Hi Rosie… you are so lucky to have such a wonderful place like that…. so lovely….



  11. That little chickie on the counter is almost at the end of her journey……. that baby will be so loved… 🙂

  12. Yes, you have a lovely place to walk, meditate, and pause for reflection. And wait for that darling baby!

  13. Hi Rosie,
    Thanks for taking me on this walk with you…it is just beautiful! I bet you are just beside yourself waiting for the baby to arrive!! Can’t wait here either!!

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