A Bloomin’ time of year!

There are a lot of plants blooming right now. Here are just a few more of the sights to see.

This flower is the prettiest of all.


Now buzz on over to Jean’s to see what’s blooming in everyone else’s garden!

🙂 Rosie


12 responses to “A Bloomin’ time of year!

  1. The anticipation is killing me! VPD looks so great at 39 weeks. It’s all baby! Lots of pretty blooms around your house. Can’t wait to see a photo of the little bud when he/she arrives!

  2. Lovely, Oh your daughter has to just be counting down those day! The last 3 weeks are the worst and the last week the worst of all! I hope she’s early! Jen R

  3. And, that most beautiful flower is in full bloom. I am sure the new flower will be the most beautiful granddaughter ever.

  4. Those hosta & astilbe blooms are lovely. Congratulations on the most beautiful bloom. You have a nice Bloomin’ Tuesday post this week.

  5. Your daughter is the prettiest bloom of all! Love those orange flowers! (are they petunias?)
    Have a great day, Rosie!

  6. just checking in for some baby news… hugs

  7. Sure looks colorful in your neck of the woods! Of course the last “bloom” is the best! Happy Bloomin’ Tuesday! Jean

  8. I see your garden is doing well too! You must be more excited as each day passes to see your new grandaughter! VPD is beautiful:>)

  9. Hi Rosie 🙂

    Looks like that flowers going to pop! I’ll bet she’s ready too. I know I was 😉


  10. You are so right she is so pretty in her full bloom…being her first I say she will be two days late… baby will come when she is ready…. do we have a name for our sweetie?

  11. Great pictures for bloomin’ tuesday. Your right the last one is the best.

  12. Great flowers, including your daughter!

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