A time of waiting …..

Methinks I need to take a blogging break …….

VPD has gone from contractions every 10 minutes to every 8 minutes and back again. I find my mind unable to concentrate on anything except her and the baby. So eventhough I most likely will still be reading and commenting, writing a post just seems really difficult right now 🙂

As you all know, things could progress rapidly or it could be awhile. So for everyone who has been so kind to stop by and visit me, don’t forget me please! As Arnold says “I’ll be back”

Hugs to all …… Rosie


27 responses to “A time of waiting …..

  1. Oh how exciting. I hope it all starts to get a bit more regular. It is so frustrating when the times keep going up and down.
    I’ll be thinking of you all.
    Good Luck.

  2. I know how nerve wracking those Braxton Hicks contractions can be, especially the first time around, Rosie! I expect my DIL to go to the hospital many times when her time is near as they will be worried each time she has one. I sure your VPD will be fine, and it’s good you are close enough to keep her company and give her some help.
    I’m so excited for all of you!
    Enjoy this very special time!
    Hugs, Pat

  3. oh how exciting!!! and remind her to eat… they won’t feed you in the hospital! I pray that she has a good first experience and may god-speed the epidural…LOL.

  4. Can’t wait to hear from you again with the news that your precious grandchild has arrived and your daughter is smiling and proud as can be! Till you check in again, take care of yourself, Gramma – you’ll need all the energy you can muster to keep from bursting your buttons! ~Adrienne~

  5. How exciting, Rosie! I can understand how your mind would only be on your daughter and soon-to-be baby. I pray all goes well.

  6. How wonderfully exciting!! You all are in my thoughts.

    and GOOD LUCK to soon-not-to-be-known-as VPD!!

  7. I found your site in the nick of time, Rosie. I’ll be thinking about you and will check back to see photos of that ‘prettiest flower of all.’

  8. Oh Rosie, what an amazing and exciting time!

    Don’t worry, we will be right here with a cuppa when you return 🙂


  9. Forget you…. not likely…. we are all right there with you wanting to here about VP….. Just use all your attention and energy for VP…. we love you

  10. Being the mother of VPD isn’t easy – especially when you’re waiting. Thank goodness we live in a society where she is getting good healthcare.

    Now, just take care of you and VPD. We want you both to be fine. After all, there is a beautiful baby that will need someone to play with.

  11. Best wishes for your daughter, baby and rest of family!


  12. We’ll be here! Can’t wait to see the baby!

  13. Oh happy day! I’m sending up a little prayer for a safe delivery. I guess I don’t have to remind you to take lots of pictures! ;o)

  14. Rosie, Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. Send me an email — I’d like to do a little something for VPD (although not for much longer!).

  15. Really?? Already?! I’m so excited for you Rosie 🙂

    Big (((hugs))) for you and the mom to be!!

  16. Oh and hubby and the daddy 😉

  17. How exciting! We will be here waiting for the big announcement!

  18. This is so exciting…I know you all can hardly wait.
    Looking forward to the little ones arrival…..be checking often. Hugs, Linda

  19. I’ll be keeping watch here and praying for safe delivery. I’m so excited for you!


  20. Oh, my thoughts, prayers and best wishes go to you & yours in this MOST exciting time!! Take care and keep us posted whenever you can!

  21. I’ll be thinking of you all!


  22. Wow, how exciting!!! Just tell her to remember the three magic words: “Give me drugs.” LOL

  23. Things are getting exciting and close now! Please know that I am praying for VPD, the baby and the whole family. I can’t wait to hear more Rosie! Sending hugs for you sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  24. Wishing you all much happiness and I’m sure we’ll see your special delivery real soon!
    I know how you feel … our little bundle is now 1 month young and where did the time go!!

  25. Hi, Rosie! So great to catch up with your here now we’re back! We had a FAB time in London. Resting travel-weary feet and doing lots of laundry now–LOL! Can very much understand that you need a break…Just take the time you need/want and be with your family. So excited for you all! Hope all is good with VPD…any day now a baby girl will be born! Look forward to when you can get back here in time with news . Wishing VPD a safe, happy delievery. Thinking of you all and sending ((BIG HUGS))

  26. Thinking about you and your daughter, Rosie. Hope all is well! I can’t wait to see your happy announcement here. Hiugs, Pat

  27. Rosie, I’m so excited for you! I’ll be waiting here for the good news!

    Those little hobo dresses are fabulous. Will you be offering them for sale, too?

    Thoughts are with you. Have a wonderful week! Now that’s an understatement!

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