Tuesday’s child

Monday’s child is fair of face.
Tuesday’s child is full of grace.
Wednesday’s child is loving and giving.
Thursday’s child works hard for a living,
Friday’s child is full of woe.
Saturday’s child has far to go.
But the child that is born on Sabbath-day
Is bonny and happy and wise and gay.

Do you see she has her pinky finger already extended? I believe this little gypsy girl will also have the poise and manners of her great grandmother Lillian.

Off to the Hospital this after ……work, sew? Who can concentrate at a time like this? HA!

Thanks for all the sweet comments both before and now for my NOT Very Pregnant Daughter and the new Baby Lola.

You guys are the best! Rosie


13 responses to “Tuesday’s child

  1. OMG Rosie…. she is beautiful. I love the name Lola. Enjoy her and don’t miss a chance to hug and kiss on her. Congrats to you all on adding 2 more feet (and 10 tiny toes) to your family tree.

  2. Congratulations! She is ADORABLE!!!

  3. Look at all that hair! I never seemed to be able to pull that off with my kids, so I’m always really impressed when I see it on other babies! She is just adorable.

  4. She is awfully cute! Enjoy her..

  5. You can work and sew later, Gramma! You’ll never have such fun as these early days getting acquainted with your new little granddaughter. But wait till she says, “Gramma, I love you!” It takes your breath away. Enjoy every minute with her. ~Adrienne~

  6. Rosie!!!
    The sweetest baby ever! Congratulations and many, many blessings to all of you:)

  7. Oh my look at all that lovely hair…. what a little darling…
    Have fun Grammy

  8. CONGRATULATIONS Rosie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so happy and excited for you and I love the name Lola! She is so pretty!

  9. Rosie sweetie Lola is gorgeous, and just the epitome of all feminine charm already! I posted the parcel off to you today. There’s something in it for both you and Lola, and it should be there in 6-10 days. Have a wonderful day enjoying your beautiful grand daughter sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  10. Such a sweetie

  11. I’m a Tuesday child. I think we should all be her honorary blog aunties.

  12. She is a beautiful baby!


  13. OMG Rosie, How utterly delightful…she’s beautiful…Lola ….how pretty!

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