Dwipe it! Dwipe it good!

This came for daughter while she was in midst of labor on Monday.

Suzanne at Just Another Hang-up emailed me last week to ask if it was alright to send the VPD a gift. She said she had the perfect fabric. Was she right or what? Tara got to unwrap it in the hospital and was thrilled!

Thanks so much Suzanne! How thoughtful and kind!

Suzanne makes beautiful totes for us all and these wonderful “Dwipes” for carrying alone or sticking into a Diaper Bag or Tote.

((Hugs)) Rosie

Lola Update – Unfortunately, they had to take her to the Nursery last night at midnight for some “light” therapy for Jaundice. All will be fine ….Momma Tara is missing her little one but I have faith it will only be for a short time.


7 responses to “Dwipe it! Dwipe it good!

  1. How thoughtful was this!

  2. A bit of time under the lights and she will be fine.

  3. Rosie, here I am catching up again, a day late and a $ short. What a beautiful baby Miss Lola is! You are a proud G’ma, indeed, I can see it in the photo!

    Best of wishes for all!

  4. I thought of your daughter as soon as I saw that fabric at Suzanne’s. Isn’t she a sweetie? Hoping Lola is all better now. Jean

  5. The bili light will work wonders. All will be well soon. Glad to know baby Lola is receiving good care.

  6. So cute that is! And generous! When does she get to bring the cherished one home?

  7. Gorgeous fabric, just perfect for Lola’s room and a very thoughtful gift too! Hugs sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

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