Brag Book

Tuesday night I was able to fill my first 2 brag books.

I had the foresight to order some Owl theme accordion books from Rae @ They are so beautifully made and make wonderful brag books to keep and to give away to family and friends.

(click on images to enlarge)

I am home today, catching up on cleaning and work sewing. It will be very hard to stay away from daughter and Baby Lola but methinks the new family needs some quiet bonding time at home alone.

Monday will be my next day down ….Lola’s Daddy has to go back to work 😦 That will be so hard for him. He is totally smitten!

Have a great weekend! Rosie


16 responses to “Brag Book

  1. And methinks you’re a bit smitten yourself, Rosie my dear! As well you should be. My littlest one won’t be born until December. I’ll be here bragging myself.

  2. Does his company give paternity leave? Mine does. I know he will hate leaving so soon.

  3. I’ve missed a few day and was so happy to see all the darling pictures of your sweet grandbaby. I’m so happy for all of you and glad everyone one is doing well. Hugs, Linda

  4. What wonderful brag books. You will probably have a hard time staying away from your sweet baby but you will think such sweet thoughts about how she has already changed your life. I know – I’ve been there, too. Isn’t being a gramma fun? ~Adrienne~

  5. Awww, little girls do have a way of wrapping their Daddys around their tiny little fingers, grandmothers too! Already filled two brag books? You’re going to be a great grandmother!

  6. This is so cute!!!!

  7. I bet it’s hard for you to stay away from that sweet little bundle!

    I like the brag books!

    Have a great weekend, Rosie.


  8. Oh Rosie! She is just beautiful! I thought you might like.. if I had the $ in my Paypal I would have sent it to you.


  9. Rosie,
    How very sweet, and what a wonderful grandmother you are! Love the little photo books, they are adorable, and of course the baby is darling!

  10. Oh Rosie… such a blessing…

    congratulations to you and your family



  11. Oh who wouldn’t be smitten with that beautiful new life! You’ll miss her, but you need your rest too. Isn’t this whole grandbaby thing awesome??

  12. Oh Rosie what cute Brag Books. Oh the poor Daddy is going gto haye going back to work!!
    Oh well – his loss is your gain – fun time for Grandma – yay!!

  13. You’re already such a great Grandma. You know when they probably need, and so appreciate, a little space. Trust me, they will so love this time together.

  14. What a wise woman…to allow daughter and her new baby/family some alone bonding time! I’m sure your gesture is very much appreciated. I can’t help but smile at the thought of a grown man being wrapped around the tiny little finger of a newborn baby daughter.

  15. She’s so darling, Rosie! Enjoy every precious second!

    I’m going to have a grandson!

    Hugs, Pat

  16. I am so glad that you like the books… and I love how you put the pics in them. Miss Lola is adorable… I bet it is going to be very hard for daddy to go back to work.

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