Baby Vagabond

I have to confess this precious baby is a bit more to me than just a pretty face. Lola Rose has inspired me to begin making baby clothes …… in particular, dresses….. comfy dresses. She is modeling her first Hobo Dress ….. size Newborn Gerber Onesie and cotton matte jersey with tiny roses. Of course, because I am a bit OCD, I make more than she could ever wear and they are fun to make so I created Baby Vagabond. I am enjoying it so much more than anything else I’ve done ….. wonder why? ๐Ÿ˜‰

She was very cooperative for her MumMum ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out my Boutique to see the available sizes and prints! I started a new blog for it, too, if you’d like to check that out ……. BABY VAGABOND

Now I am off to play with a the baby. ((hugs)) Rosie


14 responses to “Baby Vagabond

  1. She is quite fashionable. And, so young to have her very own designer at her beck and call.

    You’re a wonderful grandmother. Give her a kiss from her “blogging auntie” Beverly.

  2. Now there is a wee super model indeed! What a luckly lil’ lady to have her very own designer too! She is just so smoochably yummy ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Oh Rosie, she is so very very beautiful ! …and I know you will keep her dressed like a princess.

    Being a Grandmama is the very best thing.


  4. What a gift to have this precious child in your life. Her little dress is adorable as well as all the other tlovely hings you’re making. You are so creative!

  5. Rosie your baby clothing is outstanding! This hobo dress is just adorable!! I sense you’ve found your new calling! ;o) I can’t wait to see more of Baby Vagabond!! Happy Days as you create and cuddle that sweet Lola girl…((BIG HUGS to you both))

  6. I can see that baby Lola is going to be a great source of joy and inspiration for you Rosie! She will always remember that you made these things for her. My grandmother sewed all kinds of clothes for my sister and I and I not only dressed my own daughters in them but saved them for the next generation! I will always remember my happiness when she showed us another pretty dress or feedsack playset:>)

  7. Gosh I have been gone so long I have missed a whole new life! She is beautiful and the little gowns are so cute. Our little boy should be here any day.

  8. Ok wait now I went to the store and I see no little boy gowns. In the old days the boys wore soft sweet comfy gown/dresses also. I’ll check back and see if you have any made. If you do soft green and yellow,toile or blue and white soft and comfy.

  9. That is one lucky little babe! Little dresses…how perfect! Easy to change her diaper, also.

  10. And a beautiful model she is, too!

    Cutie pie baby and cute clothes!

    Have a great weekend, Rosie!

  11. Hi Rosie, You got a new blog AND a new baby! She is precious with such a pretty name….I know you are a proud g’ma!

    The things you made are adorable! Now I have a question for ya……do you have any ideas for the cold winter nights to keep babies warm……blanket sleepers, I know, but I thought you might have a cute idea. No blankets in the crib……they do things so different these days!

    So very sorry to hear of the passing of your sister.

  12. What adorable things you have made…and this is just the CUTEST baby !!
    Hope all is going well in your world…I know how much fun you are having being a BRAND NEW GRANDMOTHER !
    LOVE YA, bj

  13. I am so thrilled for you Rosie…and wha a lucky baby to have you for a Grandma!
    Please give her a kiss from me…she is so precious!


  14. So so so precious–both the baby and the clothes!!

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