Surviving and flourishing

In the Spring, when my son was home from Texas, we started a pond project. It is just a small scale water feature where we can use a solar fountain instead of having electricity run. The project ran out of steam as summer heated up and dear daughter got closer to delivery …. and so, it will most likely be next year before you see pictures of the finished project.

The exciting thing is that even though I’ve ignored the pond almost entirely, nature continued to do it’s thing. The tadpoles that we bought almost immediately after filling it up in May have grown. There was one that was quite a bit bigger than the rest. We named him Bubba. Well, look at him now!





Isn’t he a lovely fellow?


28 responses to “Surviving and flourishing

  1. Actually, Bubba is lovely! I think toads and frogs and such are quite beautiful creatures. They get a bad rap, ya know! I’m going to look into getting some for my pond. I never actually thought of that! I’ve got two goldfish. I don’t think I’ve seen one quite like yours. Don’t you a love a pond? (And honey, I so love that your blog is so easy to leave comments on. Wish the rest were like that!)

  2. Bubba is quite a looker. I believe he might the related to Kermit.

  3. Oh Bubba is cute! Isn’t it funny how nature works!


  4. Hi Rosie!
    Love that Bubba! What a cutie… maybe he’s a Prince in disguise… you never know!
    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Sherry

  5. EEK! lol Ok, Bubba scares the beejeebers outta me, but as long as he’s at your place and not mine, then I’m fine! Rosie I am so happy to hear that my parcel arrived and that you & Tara liked it! That’s terrific news sweetie! Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  6. Hey there Bubba! Bubba is BIG…He could eat me for breakfast as I’m such a little shrimp–LOL! Look forward to more on your pond project. Oh, and thanks so very much for stopping by and joining in on my gift giveaway fun! Thinking of you and sending ((BIG HUGS))

  7. Looks like it really is “Easy being Green”.


  8. Well hello Bubba! You sure have a cute smile for Rosie’s camera 😉 Years ago we had a giant fat toad we called Herbert who sat in the cat food dish when it was empty and caught the flies that came. Smart toad. LOL He hibernated in the winter and crawled out the next spring big but skinny. It took him about a week to fatten back up. I had forgotten about him till I saw Bubba.

  9. Rosie

    What a cutie you’ve got living in your pond!

  10. Rosie,
    I am so sorry to read of the passing of your sister. My thoughts and prayers are with you…

    Baby Lola is precious and getting big already! I love the Baby Vagabond clothes!


  11. Bubba’s a doll – I’d love to listen to him make noise at night – go Bubba!

  12. What a cute name for a frog….now, I’m not sayin’ I think frogs are CUTE but they are amazing little fellas.
    Can’t wait to see your finished pond…
    love, bj

  13. I like frogs, and I think Bubba is a very handsome fellow 😉

  14. Hi, Mz. Rozie, that Bubba is certainly a nice looking frog!


  15. Hi Rosie!

    I have missed you so much. I was just thinking of you today when your name popped up. I hope you are okay sweetie.

    I love Bubba. He’s adorable! Can you say that about a frog?? 🙂

    Big (((hugs)))

  16. Love Bubba! Glad to see a post now and then. Jean

  17. I love Bubba, and your new pond is going to look awesome in that wildlife backyard of yours…. can hardly wait to see more…. 🙂

    Wishing you the sweetest afternoon…


  18. Looks like that sweetie Marty’s handi work is giving you smiles…. with that fine looking frog…. oh my next year Lola will have the giggles when she sees Grammy’s green friend…
    HUgs my friend

  19. Bubba is a cutie! I remember “growing” tadpoles in jars as a child. While I waited for them to grow up, I’d go outside and make little dirt houses for them, furnishing them with beds, tables, and so on made out of twigs. Once in a while, one of my tadpole babies would actually survive into “Bubbahood” and I’d take it outside and show it its new home. The next day, the new little frog would be gone and my heart would be so sad. But I had a grand time doing all this anyway.

  20. Oh Rosie, what a neat project and Bubba is a cutie 🙂


  21. I have a beautiful unmarried niece that would like to give Bubba a big ‘ol kiss! I’ll bet he’s the most handsome prince ever!
    Good to see you back – we’ve missed you..

  22. Hi sweet Rosie,
    I hope you are doing ok….Here is a HUGE (((HUG))))!

    Your frog is just adorable! Bubba is the perfect name for that prince in disguise!

  23. Just to say GOOD MORNING and hoping things are so good for our sweet Rosie !
    love, bj

  24. Haaaa, he is so cute! Great nature pictures Rosie!

  25. How fun! And yes! He is gorgeous! I am catching up with you Rosie so am off to read more!

  26. Bubba is adorable. He needs a little crown. Karen

  27. Wow, I love frogs and toads too. I love the noises bull frogs make especially!

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