Sewing Therapy

I have been doing a lot of sewing since getting home from Maine. Some for Lola and some for my Etsy Shop. Here’s a few examples of the fun I have been having with flannel.

Flannel Flower Pin

Owl Applique Onesie

Rainy Day Burp Cloths

Flannel Flower Pin

Flannel Onesie Dress

Now don’t you just love the look on Lola’s face?

Later, my friends ………


38 responses to “Sewing Therapy

  1. Lola looks very seriously confused, I think! Love the cute flannel flowers and the green dress is adorable! Jean

  2. I have a surprise for you! Come over and see. jean

  3. Oh she is just too adorable! That onesie should say Cute! Cute! instead of hoot! hoot!

  4. oooohhh that little Lola is just so cute, I just want to kiss her little cheeks! lol
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  5. That is a precious expression Lola has on her face, Rosie! So glad you got a photo of that one. You’ll have to show it to her someday and embarrass her in front of a new boyfriend!

  6. What will grandma come up with next…. is that what she is saying…..seewt little bumble

  7. Oh my gosh Rosie, that expression is priceless! I am so missing the babies these days. It’s far too late to have another and way to soon to be a Grammy. Thank you for sharing your sweet lil’ Lola with us, it helps me get my baby fix! Couldn’t you just smooch that lil’ face all day? 🙂


  8. Looks like Lola is deep in though.What a sweet little girl,and lucky to have a grandma make her so many nice things.
    Best Wishes

  9. What a doll baby! Your sewing is just beautiful – teh softness I can almost feel. Have a great week and give Lola a big ol hug from all of us bloggers!

  10. LOL, it looks like she is saying “Gramma WHAT are you thinking….” what a cutie pie!

    You are making some beautiful things too.


  11. ahhhhhhhh, LOLA IS THE CUTEST THING !!
    I love all the things you have been making. You are so talented, Rosie, girl.
    Have fun sewing for that baby doll…..
    love, bj

  12. Hi Rosie,
    Awww, she is SOOOOO cute!!! I love all your work — those flannel flowers are so sweet!

  13. Lola is just a little doll I can see that from all the way up here in Canada !

  14. Oh my gosh, she’s so CUTE! And Rosie, your sewing projects are wonderful! You are so talented!


  15. I love them all, but by and far, Lola is my favorite.

  16. Hi Rosie

    Looks like this little doll will be well outfitted!

    I left an award on my blog for you, hope you can pick it up!

  17. Rosie…just wait…she’ll give you that same look when she’s 18!
    I just had to laugh outloud. She is precious and her personality is popping out all over!

  18. Hi sweet Rosie 🙂

    That face could get her grandma in big trouble by spending all of her money on her! LOL What a doll baby. I could just eat her up 🙂

    You’ve been sewing away and it’s all so cute! I love it all and wish I was small enough to fit in it 😉


  19. Come see me Rosie. I have an AWARD for you!


  20. Too cute for words! Lola is just charming!

  21. Look at all the cute little Lola-inspired things! She has her own fashion house producing couture goodness in you – just love it!

  22. Wonderful photo of Lola!
    And I love the little owl!

  23. What a cutie – that face! Great photo of her. Your latest sewing projects are great! I love those fabric flowers!


  24. Hi Rosie! It’s Jen from thecraftyowl (which is currently on hiatus) but just wanted to say hi! I have started blogging recently and added you to my blog list. Lola is a darling baby!

    Have a great day!

  25. Hi, Rosie girl…just checking in to see how things are going in your world. Good, I am hoping.
    You must be really busy and doing lots of sewing.
    See ya when you can!
    love, bj

  26. Hi Rosie! The hoot-hoot shirt is too cute. Lola is even cuter!

  27. Rosie, You are killing me with that beautiful face of Lola. I have never had children but wanted them so! I could just eat her up she is so beautiful. Hugs and kisses to her from me.


  28. Hi, Rosie girl..hope all is going well with you and yours.
    Just to wanted to say hello and that I miss your sweet postings.
    love, bj

  29. That’s got to be the best dressed little girl in the world. 🙂

  30. Hi, Rosie! So great to finally catch up with you here! We’re just back from travels too…and getting over jet lag–LOL! Love all the flannel goodness…everything you make is so sweet…And Lola is a doll! She looks heavy in thought there–LOL! ;o) So great to see a glimpse of Maine and the wedding–what a pretty newlywed pair…and stunning cake! Best wishes to the happy pair…And to you, my friend. Talk to you soon ((BIG HUGS))

  31. Morning Rosie,

    I hope that your week is going well 🙂


  32. I adore Lola! Makes me want another one…sniff sniff…mine are 8 and 12 now. Seems like yesterday!

    Have a great weekend! Love the Baby Vagabond name and goods!


  33. LOLA is adorable! She must bring you so much joy!

    I miss you Rosie!

    Hugs, Pat

  34. Just catching up with some of my friends… looks like you have been very busy… love the darling items you have been sewing

    Little Lola is a Little Angel… too cute



  35. oh my… Lola is soooo cute! She looks like a doll! 🙂

    Blessings, Rosie…


  36. Hi Rosie! Just stopping by to check on you. Miss you sweetie! Wishing you a wonderful week my friend!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  37. That is a perfectly perfect face! And your new creations are wonderful!

  38. Hi Rosie. I think this is my first visit to your blog. Your hand made items are so creative. The baby is adorable. I’m Kathi, and it’s nice to meet you.

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