Misty Morning

Good Morning My Friends! I know it’s been a while. I have some new goals and some new lists to help me achieve those goals better …… so only time will tell how well I do. HA!

I have always been a morning girl. I love them all, especially ones like this morning …… a bright sunshiny dawn you ask? Why no, A dark and mystical, misty morning. here are just a few shots from my porch shooting into the mist.

Porch flowers on a Misty Morning

Dogwood in the mist

And in honor of Jean’s fun “Bloomin’ Tuesday”!

Hydangea Standard

It’s good to be back 🙂 ((hugs)) Rosie


22 responses to “Misty Morning

  1. I’m a morning girl too! So glad to have you back Rosie:>)

  2. Love the mist in the background and I too LOVE the mornings.

  3. Misty and rainy mornings, and also days, are my very, VERY favorite ! I love them to pieces.
    Hope your day is a good one!
    love, bj

  4. This is my first time on “Bloomin’ Tuesday”
    Your pictures are wonderful. Have a great day.

  5. Good to hear from you again. I’m a morning girl, too, and I love misty mornings. Your place is so nice and the views from your home are always wonderful. ~Adrienne~

  6. Good to have you back! I love those misty shots! I am not a morning person!! I’d rather stay up late than get up early and it takes me a while to get it together!


  7. Hi, Rosie! So lovely you are back!! And these photos are just fantastic…really capturing the beauty of mornings this time of year…I’m a morning girl too. and I especially love the magic of misty fall mornings happening right now! I like the fresh, happy new look here. And great for you for trying to make good on your goals and dreams…I hope they all come true! So very glad you stopped in to see me today! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  8. Me again! So funny to see me, my photo in your blog roll on the sidebar…haha! :o) Best of all to see sweet Lola!

  9. My favorite time of the day! Those Hydrangeas are so lovely, thanks for sharing for Bloomin Tuesday. 🙂

  10. So good to see you, Rosie! I went over and paid your friend at Bloomin Tuesday a visit. I so love your views. I would sure rather have that than be a block from Broadway! But then, I do what I can with my little slice of earth here. Misty mornings…the best kind.

  11. Morning Rosie! I love misty mornings too….Your shots are beautiful

  12. I love dark misty mornings-I just don’t like to get up early! I see you have quite a view of the woods!!! I sure miss a woodland view! Thank you for sharing your beauty this morning:)

  13. The photos are lovely. I am a morning person also. I like to sit on the patio while the rest of the world is still sleeping. You have caught the “feeling” of a misty morning.

  14. The misty photos are wonderful. I’ve always been a night person and usually don’t get up until 9. I know I miss a lot, and looking at the photos, know it even more.

  15. Wonderful pictures. That is my favorite kind of morning, too.

    I’ve missed you, but I know you have been busy enjoying your family and creating beautiful things for your store.

  16. Rosie, I’m so glad you are back! I love these misty photos! Just goes to prove nature looks great no matter the weather! Especially love the hydrangea shot! Great return post! Jean

  17. The last picture is beautiful!

  18. Hi, I found you on the Bloomin’ Tuesday link as this is my first time joining in on the fun.

    There is something magical about a misty morning. I like how the second picture seems to show a lighted path through the mist- it is very beautiful.

  19. Hi Rosie,

    Thanks for the suggestions for my sewing machine troubles. I am going to try them tomorrow and I may email you if I cannot work things out. Thank you so much for your help….


  20. Welcome back Rosie!

    You come back and I go away for a week tomorrow…tee hee!

    I love my BABY VAGABOND purchases! Will shop agian when I get back!

    Hugs, Pat

  21. Hi Rosie (what a cute name) I love your Misty Morning pictures!
    Hugs, Ann

  22. I have been so into myself this week I didn’t even know you were back….. I have missed you…

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