Visiting, Eating, and Shopping

What more could a girl want?

Yesterday was a full day. Lola, Lola’s Mom and I met three of Lola’s Great Aunts for lunch about an hour away in Harrisburg, PA. It was lovely couple hours catching up and eating yummy soup, salads, and breadsticks at Olive Garden. (my camera never left my purse, sorry….hopefully one the girls will share some pictures with me later!)

However , I can show you these……
My new around the house slippers! They are so comfy. Lola’s Mom and I both got a pair to help keep out toes toasty warm this Fall and Winter.







And then, we happened to see that the Joann’s store was in the process of moving to a different location and they were having a store closing sale!  Well, we couldn’t resist adding to my stash of Snuggle Flannels!


I finally have a good selection of boy’s prints, too. Let’s see, what shall I make first?

Perhaps a pair of lounge pants for me?

🙂  Rosie


11 responses to “Visiting, Eating, and Shopping

  1. Cute slippers and a girl can always use more fabric in her stash, right? Have a great weekend Rosie!

  2. What great slippers!!!!The fabric with the cars is my favorite.I would have to make some PJ,s out of it.

  3. Hi–just checking in–the grandbaby is so cute!

  4. Loving those slippers! Where did you get them? I used to drive through Harrisburg all of the time to get to Hornell NY. It is a great town.

  5. Oh don’t you just love a FABRIC SALE…… how great and those slippers….. did you get enough to sell us some on your site?

  6. Hi, Rosie! LOVE those slippers…oh, so comfy, and cute to boot! Are they felt or fleece? Sweet with the mary jane styling! So glad you had a lovely day out & about with all your girls! :o) A fabric sale…who could resist?! Slper selection of flannels… Fantastic patterns on them , love the pink gingham, red/pin apple…an cowboy print–too cute!! Happy weekend playing with your new fabrics ;o) ((HUGS))

  7. Good morning, friend…Rosie, you really do feel like an old friend to me. You were right there when I first started blogging, cheering for me as I stumbled along in Blogland, not knowing a freakin’ flip about anything to do with blogging.
    You stopped by to see me every day with encouraging words…I’ve not forgotten how good you made me feel.
    Everytime I look at the pretty black and white wall pocket you made, I smile…
    Thank you, my friend…for just being there!
    love, bj

  8. well, shoot, girl…forgot to say I LOVE THOSE HOUSE SHOES!!

  9. Love those little slippers! Wow, and all that fabric! Happy sewing!


  10. umm yupp, that’s cozy all right !

  11. Sounds like a perfect girls day out! Cute slippers! Great looking fabric, too.

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