Comfy, cozy

Just one of those weekends……

……… for snuggling and cuddling. Ahhhh, this is the life!

🙂  Rosie


17 responses to “Comfy, cozy

  1. AWE….how sweet! Isn’t fall weather grand?

  2. Nothing better than snuggling (preferably with a dog) amidst the comfort of a quilt.

  3. Oh yes! Temps here have dropped to the 50’s today and last night we got frost! Cuddle weather indeed!

  4. Hi Rosie! Wow it’s been a long time! I hope you are having a wonderful start to Fall sweetie! Wishing you a lovely day my friend!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  5. Ha ha ha! So precious!

    Good to see you today… we were so cold last night that is how we looked! Minus the snout, of course. 🙂

    happy day!

  6. The perfect picture of the perfect weekend!
    Best to you from us both!

  7. Oh that is the best way to spend a weekend indeed 🙂 Of course, I fall asleep as soon as I cuddle with my little Gigi. What is it about a sweet furry loved one that makes you instantly sleepy when they curl up with you? It must be all of that love they give 🙂



  8. yep, that’s exactally what Braxton, Lulu and I are doing today! Hope your day was wonderful!

  9. I love those kinds of weekend. The photo is great.

  10. Hi Rosie,

    Oh, so cozy! We have been staying cozy here too as everyone is sick. Hope you and yours are happy and healthy!


  11. Ahhhhhh, so sweet! It’s great to snuggle when it’s chilly outside.


  12. What a cute picture! We are having snuggle weather too. I love your new slippers….hugs, Linda

  13. cute cute !! It is still warm here…high 70’s today, which is a little cooler than it has been. Got rain last night and enjoyed that…a lot !!
    love, bj

  14. Lucy looks like she is ready for cool weather…… wish we could get some frost to kill the ragweed…aahhhchooo.

  15. Ah! That’s the best kind. It must have been perfect.

  16. Sooo sweet and precious!! Autumn time is cozy-cuddle-time! Hope you all are enjoying…Happy Days ((HUGS))

  17. That is too sweet…Kipper did not want to get out of bed this morning! Until the time changes, the mornings are so dark and it got realy cold last night. Sleeting now…brrr…Kipper is cozied up, under his afghan, on the couch with Bill. What a laugh. : )


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