Love Shack

A Cabin in the woods that went from ….

…………. to a warehouse full of flannel and  handmade diapers…..everywhere!

Lola’s Mom and I have had so much fun making up diapers for Lola and for a new Etsy store yet to be stocked.  A labor of love……all for the LOVE of LOLA!

🙂  Rosie


17 responses to “Love Shack

  1. That is cute little house!…and lookie all those cute diaper…Flannel heaven at your place–LOL! So excited about your new shop!! Happy Days creating…((HUGS))

  2. What a geat idea! I wish you all the best in your new shop:>)

  3. Love the diapers!! Your shop is going to do so well!

  4. Hi Rosie!

    Thanks for the “welcome back” and best wishes on my anniversary! I appreciated them all, and your friendship!

    Key West was such a fun place — I’d love to go back agai someday!

    I saw all those wonderful flannels you bought in the post below and boy prints too! The cowboy boots is great — I’ll be on the looklots of out for that one!

    Hugs, Pat

  5. That Lola is just and inspiration…. look at all the great new baby things you have created….. for the Love of Lola….. I have a feeling she will always be a source of joy and love for all that are privileged to cross her path…. the little dear.

  6. The diapers are so cute. A long way from the cloth diapers I used back in the 70’s!

  7. I think the cloth diapers are a great idea.Just thing of all the garbage and waste we could do away with.I used cloth with both of my kids.
    Good luck with the store.

  8. Rosie,
    Those little diapers are adorable! I bet you’re having so much fun making them and I know your shop will do well!

    I like where you hung the cottage sign! Looks great.


  9. Now those are super cute! That’s so exciting about your shop!


  10. Those look adorable and very soft! Good luck with the new shop!

  11. I love the birdie with the scarf for fall! And the diapers, how pretty! Lucky Lola!

  12. Best of the best with your new shop, Rosie!

  13. looks like you have been busy!!

    Just wanted to let you know I gave your blog an award! You can check it out on my blog. 🙂

  14. Wow Rosie, you have been very busy! Those are the cutest lil’ diapers, ever! Darn, I wish I had a wee one to put some of those on!!! I just know your shop is going to be a huge success 🙂


  15. Hi Rosie 🙂

    What a beautiful place for a wedding! Lola’s mom looked beautiful in that dress 🙂


  16. That would make a lovely name for your shop ” For the Love of Lola”. Who knew that your granddaughter would inspire a whole new business? Congratulations Rosie.


    PS. Is the woodchipper jealous of the sewing machine??

  17. I agree with Janet that the name of the shop would be adorable if it were FOR THE LOVE OF LOLA….

    Hi, friend Rosie…I know you are staying so busy and wonder now what you ever did without a Lola in your life !!

    The diapers are precious!
    love, bj

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