Here they come…..

….just a walkin’ down the lane.

Singin’ ” do wa diddy diddy dum diddy do ”

I adore October!

Have a great weekend 🙂 Rosie


27 responses to “Here they come…..

  1. How pretty! It looks like you have lots of beautiful woods around your house:>)

  2. Hi Rosie –
    Such a beautiful place to live. Thanks for sharing ‘the walkers’ with us today.

  3. I love that you live surrounded by October’s glorious colors.


  4. Hahaha…that is sooo cute!! Now I have that song in my head…very catchy! ;o) Happy weekend to you all! Oh, and just loved your previous post…MumMum–that is a sweet name for grandmother! ((HUGS))

  5. Rosie, it looks so beautiful there. We love autumn, too. Enjoy!

  6. Hi Rosie!

    What a beautiful place to take a wallk! I wish our trees would change color.


  7. And I adore where you live!

  8. How lovely and you get to wear sweaters and sweat shirts…. glorious colors..

  9. Oh wow, Rosie sweetie it’s just breath taking where you live. I really wish our seasons were like yours and that the last half of the year was cool/cold here too. For us October means skin tingling heat…….sob sob SOB!! lol Enjoy it for me ok sweetie, and have a lovely day!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  10. oh how pretty! i love october as well – i found myself singing right along with you!

  11. Wow, pretty fall foliage. Thanks for stopping by my blog! The baby Lola is so cute!


  12. And what a lovely walk they had!

  13. Such pretty autumnal woods! Wonderful photos, Rosie!

    Hugs, Pat

  14. When I lived up North, Fall was my favorite season. I mill the beautiful colors.

  15. Greetings Rosie!
    As always, your photos are enjoyable to look at and I’m always grateful for your sharing them, gives me reason to smile.
    Fall is in Ohio, we’ve had frost two nights in a row. I love this time of year.

  16. Hi Rosie 🙂

    A walk in the woods is just what I need about now. It sure is beautiful where you are 🙂


  17. Lovely photos Rosie! Good luck with your new venture!

  18. This is beautiful, Rosie!

  19. I adore autumn too! Beautiful colors!


  20. You lucky duck! You live in a wonderland of color! So beautiful!

  21. Hi Rosie
    I am having a giveaway. Hope you’ll stop by.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  22. Dear Lola’s Grandmother….aka Sweet Rosie…when you and I WIN THE LOTTERY, we are gonna buy us a pretty ROOSTER chandy ! Your’s will be so pretty, it can be an heirloom and handed down to little LOLA someday….
    love ya, bj

  23. Beautiful pictures!!! I absolutely LOVE fall! I hope you are having a great weekend!!! xoxo

  24. HI ROSIE!!! 🙂 🙂

    Thanks so much for stopping by and saying HI to me even though I have been MIA for so long! Gorgeous pics, isn’t it great to live in a area with so much beauty! 🙂



  25. Happy Halloween!
    Liz & Mabel

  26. Hi sweet Rosie 🙂

    I just wanted to tell you I missed you and that I hope everything is okay 🙂


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