Diapers, too!

Oh yeah, we are making fitted diapers, too! Mostly for Lola …..but we’ve given out and sold some testers through “night owl diaper company” and are waiting for feedback before we really go into production. Isn’t this the cutest bottom you have ever seen?


The front and back are flannel. The soaker panel has 4 more layers of flannel and a layer of think absorbent Zorb sandwiched between that!


Lola’s Mom loves them for daytime and naps. And when we add our bamboo fleece inserts later this month, they will be even extra absorbent for night time use as well.


We have one more tester left if your interested in getting in on a good deal. All feedback has been great so far. YAY!


6 responses to “Diapers, too!

  1. How cute! And little miss Lola sure is growing!


  2. Yep, the cutest bottom ever! You are certainly becoming the Queen of Green for babies. I am so glad that the idea of “cloth” diapers is back.


  3. That is one cute little bottom! And the diapers aren’t bad either! Seriously, those are adorable and they look comfortable on that little gal too!

  4. The cutest!!!! How are you Rosie? I’ve missed you. {hugs}


  5. Hi Rosie… I haven’t been here in a while and I was just going through some of your previous post… wow, lots has happened around here…. Lola is so cute! and so good to see you!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Rosie

    Love all the baby things you have been making..what a talented grandma and what a lucky grand girl!

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