Double Decker Kitty Farm

As the days have turned colder and the screened porch has been closed, the little ones have needed to find warm spots to cuddle. And eventhough there has not been too much need to start it up, the large hearth around our wood stove is surrounded by cozy baskets with blankets and a 2 level condo. They are ready to soak up the heat when we do fire it up. Do you have a cozy spot?


🙂 Rosie


6 responses to “Double Decker Kitty Farm

  1. Hi Rosie –
    Miss Savannah has never had a kitty ‘cave’ so I don’t know if she would like one. She seems to prefer sleeping on top of my pillow shams on our bed or on the cuddly afghan across the foot of the guest bed. It would be interesting to see if she would like to snuggle into a cute little kitty house like yours. Your kitties are so cute. Makes me want to snuggle them in my arms and hear them purr!

  2. Hi, Rosie! This is sooo cute…your kitties look very happy and cozy in their kitty kondo! Our Charlie has a cozy bed that’s near the fireplace and that’s his winter “post”. We stay close by the fireplace too. Our fireplace is in a small, nook of a room, so the heat stays and lingers long with in the room…very toasty, very snug. The TV is in this room, so we camp out here on weekends with movies and/or radio, reading, knitting…I love cozy! Purrs to your kitties and ((HUGS)) to you all! :o)

  3. Well… don’t those kitties look snug as a bug…. I adore that picture of dear Lola on your side bar… my she is getting big… don’t you just wish time would slow down……

  4. They look snuggly! How cute! Mine are up on the beds and we have an older kitty who has her own heating pad….

    Hope you are having a great week!

  5. Such cuties all snuggled in around your home sweetie! Have a terrific weekend Rosie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  6. How cozy and cute! The perfect way to keep warm.

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