Anyone game for some pink cows?

This frock is one of my favorites! I am seriously thinking of making one for myself, LOL. I know none of my family would be caught dead being out with me if I wore this, but on a sweet little 2 year old ….. now that’s another story!

 Urban Farms Tossed Cows

Urban Farms Tossed Cows

Here’s the info on it. It’s not on Etsy yet so if you want to custom order a size just send me an email RosiesWhimsy (at) Yahoo (dot) com.


This Urban Farms collection is just too fun! The body is a field of colorful tossed cows with a matching floral print on the sleeves. All fabrics are 100% cotton.

Our clothing is made to fit a long time. Dresses will turn into tunics/tops as your little girl grows. No relegating this sweet outfit to the outgrown pile after only a month or two.

Sizes available to order:

Small ( 4-12 months ) 13″
Medium ( 9-18 months ) 15″
Large ( 12 months – 2T ) 17″
XLarge ( 3T/4T ) 19″
Big Girl ( 5Y/6Y ) 21″

What a different length? Just ask!
Shipping is $4.00

Have the best of days!
Rosie 🙂


9 responses to “Anyone game for some pink cows?

  1. Hi Rosie,
    I’ve never seen a pink polka dot cow. I never hope to see one. But from the milk we’re getting now, There certainly must be one! These dresses asre so cute!

  2. Darling material! Maybe you could make yourself a tote with it. Love it! Jean

  3. Rosie,
    Hellooooooooooooo!!!! This morning you came to mind while I was in mass and I thought I needed to check up on you. Looks like you were one step ahead of me.
    It was good to hear from you and looks like everything is going well in your world! Baby is too too cute!!!!
    ps. yes, when you came to mind, I said a prayer for ya:)

  4. I’m with Jean….a tote made out of this fabric would be so cute.
    I woke up this morning thinking about you and your sweet shop. Now that we know our baby is a girl, I will be watching your shop for some cutie for her….How exciting….
    I am happy you got this great machine…boy, you are gonna really be able to put out the work now…
    hugs, bj

  5. It’s absolutely adorable!!! :o) I love it! You are so talented! I am just beginning in my sewing ventures….practice I will! 🙂

  6. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    CUTE!!!! I love this little dress! What a fun and whimsical print. You sure know how to find the cute fabric, Rosie! Your sewing talents are just the best!

    Happy New Year to you and your adorable Lola! She sure is getting big.


  7. Hi Rosie… enjoy your new toy! I’d not know what to do with it! I have no sewing talents whatsoever! 😉

    Have a lovely day, Rosie


  8. Wow! That is some great machine. I have always wanted to get one that would embroider with just a touch of a button. But, I really can’t sew. Maybe someday I will take some classes…

  9. Hi Rosie
    That cow fabric is adorable!! I’m sure any littel girl would look adorable in it!
    I’d love to have a neat and tidy home all the time as long as someone else did it for me 🙂
    Hugs, Rhondi

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