Momma’s got a Brand New Bag

Not sure if you realize the big changes that are about to occur in the children’s retail market. On Feb 10th, a lot and I mean a lot, of small custom designers of children’s clothes, toys, diapers….actually anything sold specifically for 12 year olds or under will have to put each item they make through 3rd party lab testing to insure they are safe.

I am all for safety, but this will take out a vast number of small grass roots artisans that got into the business in the first place looking to make products for their children with quality materials that they knew came from the USA and or were not made in 3rd world sweat shops.

So, unless something changes fast, Baby Vagabond will close it’s doors on Feb 10th. That means I need to find something else to do with my stash and to keep me off the streets 🙂

For now, I’ll go back to the Bags and Wall Pockets. I’m playing around with
a new take on wrap skirts and peasant tops for women, too.

So now, my first bag for the shop:

Market Bag Tote

Market Bag Tote

Market Bag Tote

Market Bag Tote

Market Bag Tote

Market Bag Tote

Market Bag Tote

Market Bag Tote

I have to keep busy, you know! Plus, it’s my excuse not to be doing housework all the time. HA!


8 responses to “Momma’s got a Brand New Bag

  1. OH NO!!!! That is so horrible! How are they going to be able to enforce that? There are so many small businesses and such! Good grief!

    I do LOVE that bag! Best of luck with your creating! I am so sorry about the Baby Vagabond shop…:(

  2. OOO, my gosh, Rosie…I just can’t believe it !!
    Baby Vagabond hardly had time to really take off…I am so sorry. But…knowing you and your skills, your shop should do just fine.
    I love your new bag…very stylish and cute.
    xo bj

  3. I’m sorry to hear you might have to close Baby
    Vagabond. You make the cutest things for babies!

    The bag is neat!

  4. Oh Rosie, tell me this is not so!! I did not know anything about this…do I make anything for 12 and under? I dont even know…
    I agree that this is terrible for all the small indie designers.
    That is bad news but I know you three will land on your feet! The bag looks great!

  5. Your bags are awesome, but I think this law is just aweful! Of all the places you have to worry about the things they are worried about, items made in the U.S. are the most regulated and safe of anywhere! This is a disaster for cottage industries and mothers trying to make a little extra cash!

  6. I can’t believe some of the stupid regulations we have. I don’t see how they can really enforce this. I’m sorry to see Baby Vagabon go but glad that you have other options. Cute bag! Things may also change . Jean

  7. Oh my gosh that is crazy……dang…. is there a chance it could change?
    Love your bags…. I speak from first hand …… they are wonderful…..

  8. These regulations are ridiculous! On a positive note, I love the new bag. It is awesome. Perfect for a “market tote.” Love the fabric too!

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