Too fun playing….

Just sold this one today…


I’ll be making this up in a 2T and sending it off to Alabama. Even after 50 sales of my little frocks both online and off, I still get a kick out of sending the next one out …. knowing a little sweetie will soon be swirling around in her new finery!



I just listed a new bag in the Rosies’ Whimsy shop, too!


I have a couple of new little dishes to show you tomorrow. Just a Marshall’s purchase when I was in civilization the other day. I went a bit crazy with purchases. I had been so long since I was actually in a store!!


5 responses to “Too fun playing….

  1. This is so sweet! I know, I still get a kick out of every sale I make too!

  2. Love that little dress…and lucky the little princess that gets to wear it! And that new bag is fantastic–love the hieroglyphic-like print! So glad you’re having such a grand time these days and on a creative high…I know that sales-high feeling too! Enjoy all the way, my friend. :o) ((HUGS))

  3. Do I see a frown on Little Lola’s face? Oh know….. it can’t be….. my she is a pretty toddler…
    Love the bag

  4. I thought the little one was a doll! I mean a little doll! She is real! Beautiful her :)!

  5. Hi Rosie,
    Little Lola is adorable! And the frock you made is so sweet!

    Happy day to you!

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