A Re-Post

I don’t do this too often, but I was looking back over my oldies but goodies while sitting here in the middle of a snow storm. I began daydreaming of Spring and thought you might like to join me 🙂


Karla over at “Karla’s Cottage”. is posing the question “What do you love about your home?” And, she’s sharing not only her beautiful kitchen but she is linking to other wonderful blogs where you can take peeks of their favorite spots in their home.

Think I will join the fun….


My “favorite” and I think “romantic” place in my house is actually around my house. I love my porch. A reader once said ” Oh you have my Dream Home, A Porch with a house in the middle of it” I loved that!

Front Porch 2 It extends from the side steps left to my kitchen door and straight….past my front door (52 feet), it then turns the corner for another 46 feet….turns the corner again and heads to the screened-in room, which is off my dining room.

Entrance to front porch


Front Porch

The screen porch that looks off into the woods is my “nest”. It’s a great place to cuddle up by myself or with family and friends. It is the coziest place….. I look froward to the first warm spring day to open it for the season….porch sitting season, that is :<)

Screen Porch 4

Screen Porch 2

Well, there you have it…..my “favorite, cozy, romantic” place in my home.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of summer 🙂


14 responses to “A Re-Post

  1. I totally remember this post from before…because I LOVED it!!!! I just love screened in porches turned into little rooms! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    We are going through the same storm here! I hope you are staying warm! xoxo

  2. Thanks! After all the snow it’s nice to see some sunshine! I love your porch too! Beautiful! Jean

  3. Hi Rosie, Yep it’s cold !
    Your home is like a breath of spring, the porch is gorgeous. Hugs, DebraK

  4. That is just your porch. Oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous! That would probably be my favorite spot as well if I had your home!!!

  5. I am totally in love with your porch…..Can I move in?

  6. Rosie,

    Your porch really is a dream!! I love it…and wish I had one like it!


  7. I absolutely love your porch, Rosie!

  8. I have often day dreamed of sitting there with you on you lovely porch….. not now….. lets wait till spring….. ahhhh that would be so heavenly…

  9. Good evening Rosie… I love porches and yours is gorgeous, one of the pretties I’ve even seen with the green backdrop of the woods…. how lovely, and how lucky you are to have such a place like that to relax and just be…



  10. Such fun re-visiting this post, Rosie! I could live on your porch, it is fantastic! Do you rent space there? I’m small, don’t take up much space…you wouldn’t even know I was there…LOL! ;o) Thanks for taking us back. Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

  11. I’ve admired your beautiful porch since the first time I saw it, Rosie!

  12. Rosie, I always love your porch. It is so lovely and inviting.

  13. Your porch is so womderful

  14. i am jealous! i’ve always wanted a porch like that!!! (maybe some day!) it’s wonderful!

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