Bird Watching on the Winter Porch

In the summer our bird feeders are spread far and wide through out the yard and woods so that we can enjoy their presence no matter where we are working or strolling.

This winter, to make it easier for me to enjoy our wildlife, Sweet Hubby moved all the feeders and suet boxes onto the overhang of the porch. We are blessed daily by scores of birds….Juncos, Titmouse, Jenny Wrens, Cardinals, and both Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers.

I spent sometime yesterday snapping pictures of some Goldfinch playing in the bread bowl and snapping up strewn seed. As well as, watching Lucy watch the squirrel that was doing the same thing!


10 responses to “Bird Watching on the Winter Porch

  1. Awww Rosie, they are so sweet! We throw bread outside almost daily, but I haven’t gotten any good pics yet…

  2. We feed the birds a 20 pound bag of seed every day all winter long!!!!

  3. What great photos! thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Rosie,
    Love all the photos! I’m always feeding and watching the birds.

    Lucy looks so cute watching the squirrel.

  5. I just adore watching the sweet little finches…. Lucy…… just use your eyes..
    I am so lovin those market bags…..

  6. What sweet pictures Rosie 🙂 Love your market bags too!


  7. These are the cutest pictures. I love watching the birdies feed…they can keep me entertained for the longest time…hugs, Linda

  8. Awwwww…hehehehe..too cute! 🙂

  9. One of my kitties makes this weird clicking sound and gets all twitchy when she watches the birds…so funny to watch.

  10. Rosie I keep losing you, girl !!

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