Urban Farms ….

…..”Cows on Parade” Market Bag Tote!!!!

Urban Farms "Cows on Parade" Market Bag Tote

I know this is super crazy but I love it and will be making one for myself….only it will be really, really big! When I take this baby shopping, I will be making a statement! Did I every say I was my County’s Dairy Princess when I was but a lass of 18? LOL I rode in a convertible in parades and waved the wave of royalty!! ROFL

Have a Royal Weekend!
((hugs)) Rosie


4 responses to “Urban Farms ….

  1. Oh my gosh….I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!! It is fantastic Rosie!!!!!!!!! Definitely my fave!!!

  2. I love it Rosie….love the cow sillhouettes! You should show us a pic of you as the dairy princess…I would love to see it!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. This tote is wonderful…perfect for some serious shopping…hugs, Linda

  4. Rosie, I love your market totes and the “cows” are adorable! Perfect for a tote! Great bird and squirrel shots. Jean

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