Bloom where you are planted :-)

I’ve always loved that little saying. I remember it from when I was but a little girl…… and that was a loooong time ago!

I was fortunate to find these two little pieces that make such a nice couple hanging about together. They were purchased from two adorable Etsy sellers. The frame with chicken wire and green glass knobs comes from Antebelle. I found Antebelle through my daughter’s website, Handmade in PA, that promotes and supports Artisan/crafters of Pennsylvania


Hanging on the frame is a sweet little sign that says “bloom”! It has a wire hanger that curls into a bow at the top. And where do I get so many of my signs? From Donna at WhimsyTwo, of course!


I pray this Sunday finds you happily blooming where ever you have been planted! ((hugs)) Rosie


8 responses to “Bloom where you are planted :-)

  1. What a fun piece that is Rosie…Love the chicken wire! That is very clever…And I’ve always loved that saying too. :o) So glad the red scarf is keeping you toasty…I’ve got wool on as it’s cold here too–and well over a foot of snow! Happy Sunday, my friend ((HUGS))

  2. Two great pieces together. Love it! Jean

  3. Hi Rosie

    That is a such a clever arrangement — love it!

    I just wanted to warn you that the Fitzgerald short story of Benjamin Button is nothing like the movie! They only used the protagonist’s name and the premise of his aging backward –everything else is new.

    Lola is getting big! She is such a cute model for the Babyvagabond ETSY store!

    Hugs, Pat

  4. Perfect together! I love that saying too…

  5. I am so glad you are back to posting again I have missed your sweet touches ….. love those green knobs…

  6. I love both pieces and the saying is so true….I love green and the knobs are great and that is such a sweet sign. I think I’ll pop over to both blogs and poke around…have a happy day.

  7. I love that! And I too and a big fan of Donna’s art.

  8. Hi Rosie,
    They look great together! And thank you for mentioning me. You’re such a sweet!


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