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Sorry Dish Lovers!

I had to do it! I just had to…..

Let me explain. I move my sewing regularly from one corner to another corner. Yes, I do have two large rooms I could just set up in and decorate and leave everything there waiting for me to enjoy everyday. I used to do just that when I was a single mom. Now, I want to be with my Sweet Valentine right in the middle of our great room. So I try sewing one place….then I rearrange and move it another.

Last night it dawned on me that I am just not as much a dish girl as I am a textile girl and wouldn’t my red hutch look pretty with all my fabrics folded neatly there…..and while I am at it, I’ll just clean out the bottom, too and when I know there’s company coming, I can just pop my machines in there and all is cleaned up and ready for eating.

My Red Hutch in fabric mode.

My Red Hutch in fabric mode.

Isn’t it pretty? You don’t miss my boring dishes, right?

Well, it will most likely be this way for a couple months and then if I’m lucky, we’ll have an early Spring and I’ll be sewing on the screen porch!

I have been busy whiping up some new bags for a local store called Earth Rhythms. I expect to have them there by early next week. Yay!

Here are some fun photos of me “modeling” my bags 🙂

Handbag Model

Handbag Model

Shy Handbag Model

Shy Handbag Model

In other great news, it was decided today that the CPSIA enforcement will be delayed a year until 2/10/10 in order to clarify exemptions and testing requirements. YAY! Thousands some small business owners who would have gone out of business this year are doing the Happy Dance tonight 🙂


A new Bird Bag for Etsy

Market Bag Tote - Large

Market Bag Tote - Large

I can get everything in this Large Market bag Tote …. even the kitchen sink! Really though, it would be great to use as an over night bag, diaper bag, or, if you like big bags like me, an everyday tote!

Love Shack

A Cabin in the woods that went from ….

…………. to a warehouse full of flannel and  handmade diapers…..everywhere!

Lola’s Mom and I have had so much fun making up diapers for Lola and for a new Etsy store yet to be stocked.  A labor of love……all for the LOVE of LOLA!

🙂  Rosie

Visiting, Eating, and Shopping

What more could a girl want?

Yesterday was a full day. Lola, Lola’s Mom and I met three of Lola’s Great Aunts for lunch about an hour away in Harrisburg, PA. It was lovely couple hours catching up and eating yummy soup, salads, and breadsticks at Olive Garden. (my camera never left my purse, sorry….hopefully one the girls will share some pictures with me later!)

However , I can show you these……
My new around the house slippers! They are so comfy. Lola’s Mom and I both got a pair to help keep out toes toasty warm this Fall and Winter.







And then, we happened to see that the Joann’s store was in the process of moving to a different location and they were having a store closing sale!  Well, we couldn’t resist adding to my stash of Snuggle Flannels!


I finally have a good selection of boy’s prints, too. Let’s see, what shall I make first?

Perhaps a pair of lounge pants for me?

🙂  Rosie

A few more pouches….

Happy to say I am making some head way on using up my bits and pieces…..fabric, lace, and ribbons.

Here are three pouches I am putting in my Etsy Shop.

And this one is going to a wonderfully nice country flower I know….

I’m still on the fence on this one…..I’ve got someone in mind but not sure it fits her style….hmmm…..


Don’t you just love productive days? Wonder what tomorrow may bring……

((hugs)) Rosie

I fell off the wagon…..

I feel a fresh makeover of my screen porch is needed to get ready for Spring.

Screen Porch 2

So, I fell off the wagon…..

I know I said I was going to use up my fabric stash….and I will, I will …but this purchase (made at J Carolines Online) is for the screened porch pillows and table skirts……and I had to have it…….it was calling my name…..loudly!!


I also need new matelasse coverlets for the daybeds … it looks like a trip to Marshall’s will have to happen soon. We are within a month of “porch sitting season”! YAY!!

I know how blessed I am to have such a wonderful space….all summer long it is a gathering place for family and friends. Each new Spring I want to make it the most comfortable place I can for everyone I love.

Have a Wonderful Week 🙂 Rosie

p.s. Head on over to Kari’s and Kijsa’s see how others are celebrating their “Spring Blessings”

In What do you put your Christmas cards?

Christmas Card Wall Pocket

I’ll be putting mine in one like this. The only Home Dec material I found that was Christmasy enough for this design. It’s 7″ x 19″ with three 3″ pockets.