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Sorry Dish Lovers!

I had to do it! I just had to…..

Let me explain. I move my sewing regularly from one corner to another corner. Yes, I do have two large rooms I could just set up in and decorate and leave everything there waiting for me to enjoy everyday. I used to do just that when I was a single mom. Now, I want to be with my Sweet Valentine right in the middle of our great room. So I try sewing one place….then I rearrange and move it another.

Last night it dawned on me that I am just not as much a dish girl as I am a textile girl and wouldn’t my red hutch look pretty with all my fabrics folded neatly there…..and while I am at it, I’ll just clean out the bottom, too and when I know there’s company coming, I can just pop my machines in there and all is cleaned up and ready for eating.

My Red Hutch in fabric mode.

My Red Hutch in fabric mode.

Isn’t it pretty? You don’t miss my boring dishes, right?

Well, it will most likely be this way for a couple months and then if I’m lucky, we’ll have an early Spring and I’ll be sewing on the screen porch!

I have been busy whiping up some new bags for a local store called Earth Rhythms. I expect to have them there by early next week. Yay!

Here are some fun photos of me “modeling” my bags 🙂

Handbag Model

Handbag Model

Shy Handbag Model

Shy Handbag Model

In other great news, it was decided today that the CPSIA enforcement will be delayed a year until 2/10/10 in order to clarify exemptions and testing requirements. YAY! Thousands some small business owners who would have gone out of business this year are doing the Happy Dance tonight 🙂


My Old Shop

I was cleaning up some files this morning and came across some photos of my old shop. (click on photos to make them larger ….. if you’d like)

I miss the fun parts but don’t miss the stress of deadlines.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Rosie 🙂

The perfect studio

Teresa Sheeley@ French Poppy was ruminating on what her perfect studio would be like. That got me thinking about what kind of space would be the most creative zone for me……..

I would like a studio in a large Greenhouse/Conservatory……

It would over look a large pond that I would landscape to bring wildlife to the property……

It would have all the amenities like a big screen TV and refrigerator drawers in a huge work counter like my Dad built for my Mom. Have you ever seen this book. It is full of dreamy studios.

It would have a comfy seating area for Hubby and visitors to enjoy while I puttered away at my sewing……

And a potting area for starting new plants for the greenhouse……..

It is all a dream but I enjoyed the process of thinking it through.

What would your dream studio look like?

🙂 Rosie

Courtesy of OLD DOG PHOTO