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Flowers and Stripes Capri Set

Does this not look like a flash back to the 50’s? I adore this little frock top and capri pants. If you could lift up the top you would see the waist is elastic with a contrasting band of the same material as the top and drawstring ties to add adjustability.

Lola will be getting several of these sets and several are on their way to SOTA in New Hop, PA.


Don’t Forget

Change your links to I miss you 😦

New blog address!

I have given up for now on making this a seamless transition…..sigh……

However, if you would be so kind as to change you links to me to

instead of this wordpress account I would be very grateful. I will continue to let this blog sit here in order to grab old content and to allow readers to find old projects and favorite pictures 🙂

All new posts will now be at the above address.

Thanks so much!


Trying to make some changes in my blog and am really stuck! Be patient. I didn’t go away. I’m just lost in a myriad of css code……………….

Handmade in PA


Daughter has a very interesting guest writer on her blog today. If you are artist/crafter that sells things online or at shows you may want to give it a read for some helpful tips!

Just click on the picture to pop on over 🙂

Happy New Year!

May you be blessed in all things and be a blessing others everyday!

Classically Charmed

I was lucky again. Perhaps I should play the lottery! I had entered Rose’s Classic Charm giveaway. I fell in love with one thing in particular … a beautiful coffee press from England! I just couldn’t believe it when I won. YaHoo!

It didn’t take me long to whip out the Vera Bradley pouch to put all my plastic and checkbooks into!

And I set the coffee press on the plate rack for safe keeping until I find just the right home for it to roost!

Any one else having a contest, I’m feeling lucky!

Actually Tracy at Pink Purl is having one….go check it out here!

Have a Lucky Day 🙂 Rosie