Bird Watching on the Winter Porch

In the summer our bird feeders are spread far and wide through out the yard and woods so that we can enjoy their presence no matter where we are working or strolling.

This winter, to make it easier for me to enjoy our wildlife, Sweet Hubby moved all the feeders and suet boxes onto the overhang of the porch. We are blessed daily by scores of birds….Juncos, Titmouse, Jenny Wrens, Cardinals, and both Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers.

I spent sometime yesterday snapping pictures of some Goldfinch playing in the bread bowl and snapping up strewn seed. As well as, watching Lucy watch the squirrel that was doing the same thing!


Country Lanes Market Bag Tote




 Let’s stroll along the back roads ….. along a path beside a stream. 











Tuck a bottle of wine, a crusty loaf of bread and a wedge of cheese in your new market bag and make a day of it.






Ahhh……to dream of a Spring day and a picnic packed for two.
Spring Dreams, my friends!

Are you an Earring Floozie?

Sorry Abbie, I had to copy your clever title.

I love earrings about as much as I love fabric …. only I don’t have as much in my stash! Look at these lovelies!

Some of my favorites!

Some of my favorites!

All of these were made by the lovely Pink Purl (Tracy) in Norway! She has a wonderful blog and an Etsy Shop that I have to use great will power not to visit on a daily basis. It’s so hard to come away empty handed. I was able to get some wonderful gifts for my girls for Christmas and for myself 🙂
pinkpurl2 pinkpurl pinkpurl3

Now I know I am partial to big dangly earrings but trust me, Tracy makes earrings of all sizes and I am sure you will find something you love. Bookmark her shop and visit often ….. you know, I do ;-0

French Country Market Bag Tote

Oh, what a winter! I have mostly been on the couch. I hate how the cold affects me even when I don’t go out of the house.

Whine, whine, whine …. I feel like that’s all I do. ~ “Honey, could you put another log in the wood stove?” ~ “Oh Honey, my warm mist humidifier needs filled up …. please…..”

My sewing machines are crying for attention. However, I did get one more done last week. (see below) and I cleaned the house up for company. HA! Guess I should invite people over more often. LOL

French Country Market Bag Tote

French Country Market Bag Tote

Do you see the embroidery?

Do you see the embroidery?

Cute little tie closure!

Cute little tie closure!

Just sharing….

Here are the goodies I made for my shop yesterday.

Valentine's Heart Wristlet

Valentine's Heart Wristlet

Sweetheart Market Bag Tote

Sweetheart Market Bag Tote

I thought I was going to get more done but I keep playing with that darn embroidery machine! Oh well, today is another day 🙂

Almost relapsed….

……no, no,no! The past few days just went by so fast, I didn’t have time to write a blog ……but I did have time to take a nap 🙂

Naptime with Lola

Naptime with Lola

Actually, I had been up since 3am and when that little snuggler went to sleep on MumMum, I guess it was just too much for this old girl, I swear I only drifted off for a minute 🙂

HA! I guess that’s how Hubby caught me on his IPhone. And, daughter had the nerve to say I slept for 20 minutes and I snored! LOL! Oh, the shame 🙂

After our nap, Lola and I ran the embroidery machine.


Lola is captivated by how the machine works. I bet by the time she is 2 she’ll be asking if she can push the buttons 🙂

Slate Skull on an Orange Field of Flowers

Slate Skull on an Orange Field of Flowers

We made these embroidery squares……

Stick Figure Woman on a Field of Blue Flowers

Stick Figure Woman on a Field of Blue Flowers

And then, we turned them into little pouches for the Rosie’s Whimsy Etsy Shop 🙂 Lola and I had a busy, busy day!

It was a great visit from Tara and little Lola.

I will be busy at the sewing machine for a couple days so I might lapse again but I’ll try at least to post pictures of what I make.

Have the Best of Weeks!

A Re-Post

I don’t do this too often, but I was looking back over my oldies but goodies while sitting here in the middle of a snow storm. I began daydreaming of Spring and thought you might like to join me 🙂


Karla over at “Karla’s Cottage”. is posing the question “What do you love about your home?” And, she’s sharing not only her beautiful kitchen but she is linking to other wonderful blogs where you can take peeks of their favorite spots in their home.

Think I will join the fun….


My “favorite” and I think “romantic” place in my house is actually around my house. I love my porch. A reader once said ” Oh you have my Dream Home, A Porch with a house in the middle of it” I loved that!

Front Porch 2 It extends from the side steps left to my kitchen door and straight….past my front door (52 feet), it then turns the corner for another 46 feet….turns the corner again and heads to the screened-in room, which is off my dining room.

Entrance to front porch


Front Porch

The screen porch that looks off into the woods is my “nest”. It’s a great place to cuddle up by myself or with family and friends. It is the coziest place….. I look froward to the first warm spring day to open it for the season….porch sitting season, that is :<)

Screen Porch 4

Screen Porch 2

Well, there you have it… “favorite, cozy, romantic” place in my home.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of summer 🙂