Wrap Around Porch

I am going to cheat today and link you to an old post. Sunday when I was going back through my old magazine clippings, I had the urge to reread some my older posts. My absolute favorite post from last year was on my wrap-around porch. A lot of you may not have seen this post so “Click Here” and go see why ….. I never want to leave my home!

Praying for an early Spring…………. ((hugs)) Rosie

p.s. I’m almost at 150 posts….you know what means….another giveaway soon….stay-tuned!


19 responses to “Wrap Around Porch

  1. I remember this post. You have the most lovely, warm and welcoming post. Those pictures make me long for summer :-).

    I am lookin forward to your 150th~

  2. That is my dream porch. It is so nice to have a screened in area–so no bothersome bugs and flies!! I can’t remember where you live either–but it surely looks inviting.!! Great place for coffee and devotions.

  3. You’re right about the early spring, I am on my way to your post!

  4. I love, love, love your home!!!


  5. I’m so glad you “cheated” what a great porch and your view of the woods is spectacular… WOW…. that would be my favorite place too … it looks so peaceful.

  6. I love your wrap around porch too! sigh!
    Isn’t the idea of Paying it Forward FUN! Thank you for visiting my 300th post GIVE-AWAY!Wishing you luck! hugs NG xo

  7. I can see why you’d never want to go anywhere. Who would! You have a really beautiful home, not just a house, but a home. I know this will sound strange, but I feel very at home and comfortable there just by the photo’s! lol I hope you have a truly lovely week Rosie sweetie.
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  8. What a beautiful home and your porch is gorgeous. Not only pretty…but very cozy and inviting. I hadn’t seen the original post so this was a treat. Linda

  9. I remember that post too. I just love the “feeling” of your porch. I just want to cuddle up and read decorating magazines there.


  10. You have a great porch and it is furnished beautifully! Love it!!


  11. Hi Rosie,
    Your porch is absolutely gorgeous! I know why you want to be out there. Spring will be here soon! We are having unseasonably warm weather today, near 70. I’ll be outside!

  12. Hey Rosie!

    You have an absolutely beautiful home! I’m also from PA and saw your comment about today being Fasnaucht Day at Our Red House – and I knew that I had to come say hello from one Pennsylvania gal to another! :o)

  13. Oh yes, I remember that post. That’s the kind of porch I’d have when I get my dream house! Love it!


  14. Thanks for that. I didn’t get to see it. I love your home.

  15. Wow, Rosie! Your porch looks like it should be featured in a magazine…it’s lovely! I can surely see why you would love spending time curled up and relaxing. I missed this post the first time around, I’m glad you dug it out of the archives.

  16. How beautiful! I could spend a lot of afternoons relaxing on your porch! Thank you for entering my giveaway and your sweet comment. :0)

  17. So lovely, Rosie!…I dream of a decent-sized porch *SIGH* A giveaway–very exciting, will be looking forward to it. Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  18. oh goodness..i just LOVE your porch!!! i TOTALLY want one for on my house…LOL. but that is a future project! I wish i lived near you so i could come visit and sit on your porch with you! LOL It’s beautiful! šŸ™‚

  19. Hi, I just came across your blog tonight – and I don’t know if I should be writing you on your most current post, or the one that I wanted to comment on – I hope you get this!

    Anyway – I LOVE your porch!!! And your location! I just had a couple questions, if you don’t mind, because some day I hope my hubby and I can add a porch onto our very old farmhouse! I noticed you have two day beds out there, and it looked like they had regular mattresses on them. I was wondering how you keep them from getting wet? Do you have to cover them when you aren’t out on your porch? Can the mattresses stay out there (against the wall I am guessing) during the winter? Do you have the inside outside kind of carpeting? I hope you have the time (I know how precious it is!) to answer me – but there is no rush, since this porch is just a dream yet! LOL Anyway – love your blog – have a great day!

    Diane from Michigan

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